Takata Air Bag Recall Affects 37 Million Vehicles

March 23rd, 2018

Takata has issued a recall for 37 million vehicles that effect 50 million airbags that can explode when deployed causing injuries and even death. There are two major issues with the recall: Airbags that can kill. Certain 2001-2003 Honda and Acura vehicles, 2006 Ford Ranger, and Mazda B-Series trucks are at a far higher risk for an air bag explosion that could injure or kill vehicle occupants. More recalls. Additional air bags are scheduled to be recalled by December 2019, bringing the total number of affected air bags to around 65-70 million. Sign up for Recall Alerts and make sure the address on your registration is current to be sure you’re notified of this or any other future recall. The New Haven auto accident attorneys at The LoRicco Law Firm are experienced in handling highly complex auto accident cases. Our attorneys will bring our decades of experience to the case and help you prepare your claim.

What Is The Prompt Payment Law And Why It Matters When You’re In A New Haven Auto Accident

March 21st, 2018

If you were injured in a New Haven auto accident and were injured, not only are you facing health recovery, but you are also facing health claims with the insurance company. Even though insurers in Connecticut are protected by the Prompt Payment Law, you may still need the strength of a New Haven auto accident attorney. The law states that the insurance company has 45 days from the date the claim is filed, with proper information as outlined in the law, to issue payment to the injured. If information is missing, the insurance company has 30 days from the original filing to request more information. From the date the changes are sent back to the insurance company, the 45 day countdown to payment begins again. Insurance companies can be difficult to work with. The experienced New Haven auto accident attorneys at The LoRicco Law Firm know their tricks – we defended them for 15 years. We can help defend your rights.  

Notify These People If You Get Into A New Haven Auto Accident

March 19th, 2018

If you have been in a New Haven auto accident, dealing with the aftermath can be all consuming. If you were in an accident, you should do the following if you were in an accident: Gather necessary information. The driver that crashed into you is responsible for reporting the incident to their own insurance company, but you should make sure you contact the insurer as well. Make sure you obtain their driver’s name/address, insurance policy number/name, statements/contact information from witnesses, and photographs from the scene. Notify the right people. Inform the other driver’s insurance company you were in an accident. The police report will likely determine which driver was at fault, but also notify your own insurance company to show good faith practices in reporting the accident. Seek medical treatment. The other driver’s insurance company may require you to obtain an authorization prior to being seen by a doctor after an accident. Ask for authorization and for them to email it to you. Consult an attorney. If you were injured, you may want to see the counsel of a New Haven auto accident attorney. Experienced attorneys, like those at The LoRicco Law Firm, can help you fight the insurance company to obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact The LoRicco Law Firm if you were in a New Haven auto accident. Our firm as been defending…continue reading

What Your 16-17 Year Old Can and Can’t Do Behind The Wheel With A Learner’s Permit

March 16th, 2018

If you are the parent or guardian of a 16 or 17 year old you are probably deep into negotiations about obtaining a Learner’s Permit. While New Haven auto accidents are a serious risk for teenage drivers, following the rules of the road and the rules of their learner’s permit, and eventual license, can help keep them safe. In order to get their Connecticut learner’s permit, drivers must successfully pass a 25-question test. One they have it, they must accrue 40 hours behind the wheel before applying for their license. New permit holders must complete eight hours classroom training including two-hours with their parent/guardian on teen driving laws. During the entire time he or she has their permit, they may only drive with a 20 year or older licensed driver who has had their license for four consecutive years; or a licensed driving instructor.    

Penalties For Connecticut Teen Drivers

March 14th, 2018

Connecticut teen drivers who are 16 and 17 years old have a graduated driver’s license. The following are penalties for violations of Connecticut law. Graduated license violation: 1st offense is a 30 day suspension and $175 reistatement fee; 2nd and subsequent offenses are a 6 month suspension until age 18 (whichever comes first) and a $175 license fee. Use of a cell phone while driving: 30 day – 6 month license suspension plus $175 license reinstatement fee. Speeding: 60 day – 6 month license suspension and a $175 license reinstatement fee. Reckless driving: 6 month – 1 year license suspension; $175 license reinstatement fee; and applicable court fines/imprisonment. Street racing: 6 month – 1 year license suspension; $175 license reinstatement fee; and applicable court fines/imprisonment.

Are There More New Haven Auto Accidents During Daylight Savings?

March 12th, 2018

Yesterday morning we sprung ahead and the clocks moved forward one hour. New studies suggest that the start of Daylight Savings Time could lead to more New Haven auto accidents and other ailments. With the loss of an hour, our bodies lose on average of 40 minutes of sleep. Emergency room doctors report an increase in heart attacks, stroke, work injuries, and auto accidents. The research suggests it may take weeks for our bodies to recover and all the while we are driving ourselves around and going to work. There is an estimated 30 more fatal auto accidents that will happen today. If you or a loved one is ever injured in a crash, contact the New Haven auto accident attorneys at The LoRicco Law Firm. We know all of the insurance company’s trick – we defended them for 15 years. Our firm has been protecting the rights of the injured for nearly 60 years.    

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