3 Things To Do To Avoid A Connecticut Auto Accident In A Work Zone

May 15, 2022
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Spring is the time of year that more and more road projects are being done throughout the city.  Major and minor projects are being worked on around every turn and this can affect the flow of traffic and also present a real issue as it relates to avoiding a New Haven auto accident.  As today marks the beginning of Public Works Week we wanted to take some time to talk about the things you can do to make sure you stay safe and also keep the workers who are tending to our roads safe as well.

Crews will be out throughout the city and neighboring communities in the next few months doing projects as small as patching a pothole or as big as resurfacing an entire stretch of road.  Whatever the project is it can have an impact on the safety and speed at which traffic flows throughout the city.  That is why it is so important for all of us to be prepared to protect ourselves and other drivers from the dangers that can be caused by having construction happening around us.  Here are the things you can do to do your part to keep our roads safe during construction season.

  1. Slow down.  You will see signage that encourages you to slow down and in some cases there will be workers holding signs indicating whether you should stop or slow down, but either way when you are entering a construction zone you should proceed with caution and slow down to a speed that will allow you to pass by without causing any harm to the workers or to your vehicle.
  2. Follow all posted signs.  Whether it’s a worker holding the sign or a detour sign that has been placed temporarily while the job is being completed you will want to follow all of the signs carefully.  These projects have been designed and engineered to keep everyone safe and following the signs on the job is one way you can do that.
  3. Take an alternate route.  If your road to work each morning is backed up due to construction, you may want to find an alternate route until the construction is complete.  Even if it takes a few extra minutes, it may be worth it in the long run to avoid the frustration of having to navigate a construction zone.  In fact, if your alternate route is clear you may find you enjoy it more and stick with it once the construction job is over.

As construction projects continue to pop up throughout the city it can be tempting to complain about them or not follow all the rules when they are placed in front of you, but showing your frustration or ignoring the rules of the road can lead to a New Haven auto accident and that can be dangerous for not only you but for others on the road and the workers who are doing the construction work.  Instead of getting frustrated, just simply follow the rules or find an alternate route to get you to your destination and avoid the construction all together.  It can be done and it will save you a lot of hassle.

No matter how safely you approach construction sites accidents do happen.  It is important that you speak with an experienced attorney about your accident if you are injured and see what they can do for your situation.  If you contact our office one of our experienced attorneys may speak with you about your situation and work with you to get all the details and protect your long-term interests.