New Fines Announced For New Haven ATV Riders

April 15th, 2021

The City of New Haven amended a city ordinance that restricts the use of off-road vehicles on city streets.  According to Mayor Elicker the fines and restrictions just strengthen already existing ordinance that limits the use of these types of vehicles from riding on city streets.  The amendment will levy a fine of up to $2,000 for those who are caught. While the Mayor has been clear that the city does not want to begin fining people or arresting people over the new amendment it has become a matter of public health and in certain cases can lead to a New Haven personal injury.  Bikes that are covered by the new amended ordinance include the following; Dirt bikes ATVs Mini-bikes Motorized bicycles Pocket bikes Not only will the drivers of these vehicles be subject to fines, but passengers will be as well.  A passenger on one of these all-terrain vehicles may be fined up to $250.  The ordinance takes it one step further to the gas stations where these bikes are being fueled up who may be on the hook for a $100 fine for every fill-up that occurs at their location. If you ride an all-terrain vehicle on the streets of the city of New Haven, not only are you putting yourself at risk of injury you are also now violating an amended ordinance…continue reading

Connecticut Receives A C-Minus On Transportation Infrastructure, Here’s Why That Matters

April 5th, 2021

If you’ve driven down any one of our interstate highways in recent years it will come as no surprise to you that our infrastructure is in poor shape.  In fact, Connecticut received a below average grade in a recent report released by the Federal government.  With so much traffic rolling through our state it is critical that these roads and bridges are addressed as poor infrastructure will often lead to New Haven auto accidents. It was reported that 248 bridges throughout the state are in poor condition and over 2,100 miles of road are also in poor condition.  That coupled with the 19% of public transit that has passed it’s useful life is a recipe for disaster in our state. Failing roads and bridges can have devastating impacts on our ability to move safely throughout our communities and this isn’t just about potholes, although they are a piece of it.  Roads that have poor drainage, bridges that are structurally unsound, these are the types of issues that can present themselves as real problems to all of us who are traveling on Connecticut’s roadways.  Whether you’re commuting to work or heading out on a family road trip these types of poor conditions can have a real impact on your safety. The impact that failing roads and bridges have on our daily commutes can be a nuisance at…continue reading

It Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April 1st, 2021

While it is absolutely critical that we pay attention to distracted driving safety all year round, we take each April to shine a red hot spotlight on this increasing problem.  The more people that can be educated about the dangers of distracted driving, the safer our roads will be from unnecessary New Haven auto accidents.  All month long we will be sharing tips on how to prevent yourself from engaging in this dangerous behavior.  There are some distractions that are easier then others to understand.  Texting while driving, for instance, is a pretty clear distracted driving behavior.  On the other hand, cognitive distracted driving (like talking to a passenger) may not be as clear cut of a case for most people. So let’s start with the most obvious cases of distracted driving and that is texting while driving.  First, some statistics, from the National Safety Council you should know; There are nearly 400,000 injuries each year in the United States caused by texting while driving 25% of all traffic injuries occur due to drivers who are texting at the time of the accident If you are texting while driving you are increasing the amount of time your eyes are not on the road by 400% Texting is THE most dangerous activity you can participate in that involves a cell phone while driving Texting while driving…continue reading

Avoid A New Haven Auto Accident With This Spring Checklist For Your Car

March 31st, 2021

Spring weather is here.  The cherry blossoms are budding in Wooster Square Park.  The green is buzzing with activity.  There is no better place to be then in New Haven in the Spring.  It is a good opportunity to make sure your car is ready for the season change as well.  Here is a checklist of three simple things you can do today to get your car ready for the change in weather and ensure that you do not get into a New Haven auto accident. Tire pressure.  Checking your tire pressure and ensuring that the changes in temperatures haven’t let it fall below the recommended PSI for your vehicle can be critical when driving through the city.  Low tire pressure can lead to less control and cause more of a chance of your car spinning into an accident. Check all of your mirrors and lights.  The winter months can cause drastic changes to your lights and mirrors leaving them muddy or worse, broken.  A broken tail light or mirror can not only get you pulled over, but it can also present a true driving hazard. Top off all fluids.  Making sure your car’s fluids are completely filled and flushed out after a long treacherous winter can keep your car running smoothly while also helping you maintain safe driving conditions. That’s it.  Three simple steps…continue reading

Why Potholes Are More Then Just A Nuisance

March 26th, 2021

You have already started to see it on the streets of New Haven, potholes that are new and fresh from the cold winter months.  These ugly eye sores are more then just a nuisance, they can impact your vehicle and your ability to drive safely throughout the city.  New Haven auto accidents can happen due to an unseen or deeper then expected pothole and you may not even see them coming. It will come as no surprise to you that potholes can do serious damage to your car if you hit them just the right way.  Tire blowouts become more common in the spring months as does damage that is often done to the undercarriage of a car due to these annoying holes in the middle of our roads.  It is imperative that our city takes these potholes seriously and repairs them immediately.  We want these potholes fixed, not just because we don’t like how they look, but because they are a safety hazard. The first way a pothole can cause an accident and an injury is if you are paying attention to where you’re going.  Let’s say you’re driving down the street and you come upon an unexpected pothole.  By reflex you swerve to miss the pothole, but in doing so your car goes into the next lane over and without a split second…continue reading

3 Ways To Avoid Getting Into A New Haven Bike Accident

March 24th, 2021

Spring has sprung and the weather seems to be cooperating with warmer temperatures and beautifully sunny days.  This is welcome news for all of us who have been homebound for what was an incredibly cold and snowy few months of winter.  With the sun shining and warmer temperatures, many of us are ready to hop on our bikes and start riding.  What a treat it is to feel the warm wind on our face as we zip through the city with ease.  Nothing could come in between you and your ride except the possibility of a devastating New Have bike accident that could lead you to injury. There is only one way to pump the breaks on the start of another promising biking season and that is to injure yourself early in the season.  This is a particularly dangerous time of year too because people who are driving around the city are not used to bicycles being out because there have been fewer of them on the roads in the winter months.  With the influx of new riders, this can be a dangerous time for all vehicles on the road.  As a bicyclist you can do a few things to help protect yourself.  We’ve listed the top 3 ways you can stay safe while riding your bike through New Haven below; Always wear a helmet. …continue reading

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