The CDC Recommends Doing These Three Things To Avoid A New Haven Pedestrian Accident

January 22nd, 2022

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides important information on a variety of topics.  Most recently they have been in the news quite frequently for their guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic, but these government scientists also weigh in on other important public health issues.  One very important and concerning public health issue is that of traffic safety.  The deaths and injuries of people who are either in a motor vehicle or hit by a motor vehicle is one of the most pressing medical issues of our time. The CDC has put out guidance on keeping yourself safe as a pedestrian when out walking in the Elm City.  This guidance is meant to help prevent New Haven pedestrian accidents and keep you safe.  As with most of their guidance the CDC has issued a number of preventative measures you can take to keep yourself safe while out on a walk, these include; Do not walk with earbuds in because they will reduce your ability to hear traffic and other important indicators that are around you that may limit your ability to keep yourself safe. Avoid walking and talking/texting on a cellphone.  Using a cellphone for any reason while walking will impair your vision and could lead to a serious injury if you are not extra careful.  If it is an absolute necessity to use…continue reading

What You Should Do To Avoid A New Haven Motorcycle Accident If It Starts Snowing

January 19th, 2022

Only the hardiest among us will take our motorcycles out on the road during the winter months.  You can’t call yourself a motorcycle enthusiast until you’ve experienced 20 degree temperatures whipping across your body at 70 mph.  That being said you can be hardy, but you shouldn’t be stupid and if snow comes on while you’re out for a ride you should take specific steps to avoid a New Haven motorcycle accident. Before you even head out on the road you need to make a personal decision about whether or not you would feel comfortable on two wheels if snow started falling.  In the winter the weather changes quite frequently and even if you start out in bright afternoon sun, snow can come in fast and when you’re riding and you aren’t comfortable with the conditions you can find yourself in a difficult situation very quickly.  If you are uneasy about the possibility of riding in the snow, you should keep the cover on your motorcycle until the spring weather arrives. If you’re ready to brave snow if it comes, you should be aware of some steps you should take if the snow does start falling while you’re out for a ride. Step #1: Slow down significantly.  Driving over the speed limit when conditions are dry can be dangerous, but if the snow is falling…continue reading

Three Things You Should Do If You’re Pulled Over For A DUI

January 17th, 2022

The very best way to avoid getting into trouble for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is to avoid getting behind the wheel after having had a few drinks or doing drugs.  If you have been drinking or taking drugs you should get in an UBER to get home or designate a driver before you go out for the night. That being said, if you do get behind the wheel after having had some drinks or doing drugs and then subsequently get pulled over for a DUI you will need to know what to do in order to protect yourself from getting into more trouble then you may already be in.  Take the following three steps so you can make sure to minimize the issues. 1.) If an officer pulls you over pull to the side of the road in a slow and measured way.  Any erratic behavior on the initial stop can be a sign to the officer that you are not in a good state and could be used in any hearing against you.  Do not make any sudden, jerky movements that could raise red flags. 2.) Be polite to the officer that pulls you over.  Provide her/him with all of the information that will be requested including your drivers license and registration paperwork.  While you should be polite this…continue reading

Should You Play With A Dog In The Snow?

January 15th, 2022

It’s a classic of many movies and TV commercials, a gorgeous dog wrestling with his owner in freshly fallen white snow.  It’s an idyllic picture of life with a dog during the winter, but real life isn’t always the same as a fully produced TV commercial or movie.  Wrestling in the snow with your dog could be something that leads to a New Haven dog bite injury. There are several times where this opportunity might arise for you to play in the snow with a dog, either your own or a strangers dog.  While it may seem fun, and in many cases it is fun, you should be aware that some dogs find the snow to be agitating and can lead them to be more aggressive then they otherwise would be. The question remains, should you or should you not play with a dog in the snow?  The simple and safest answer is no.  Dogs are unpredictable, especially when they get uncomfortable and snow and cold can make many dogs feel uncomfortable. What can you do instead? Rather then wrestle with a dog in the snow like the commercials and movies make to look like it is harmful fun, take a more hands off approach with dogs who are unfamiliar to you.  If you’re in the park with dogs and want to play with them…continue reading

Three Tips To Avoiding A New Haven Bicycle Accident In The Winter

January 12th, 2022

The roads are slushy and icy.  The snow is falling.  We spend a lot of time talking about how to prevent New Haven auto accidents during the winter months, but what about if you are a cyclist, the roads can be dangerous for you too.  We wanted to take a minute to go over some steps you can take if you are a cyclist to prevent a New Haven bicycle accident. Riding a bike in the winter is not for the faint of heart.  Of course the cold weather and poor visibility make it a sport that is often left to the experienced rider among us.  It can be very good for you from an exercise standpoint and it is also a reliable way to get to work if you live and work in the city.  In many cases, riding a bike is the preferred method of transportation for many in the Elm City.  So, how do you stay safe when riding your bike in the winter months? Wear reflective clothing.  While this is particularly helpful at night, it is also important to do during the day.  Reflective clothing can make seeing and interacting with a cyclist easier for drivers even in low visibility settings.  At a minimum it alerts the drivers that there is something that they need to avoid along the road and…continue reading

Why Frigid Temperatures Can Impact Your Chances Of Getting Into A New Haven Auto Accident

January 10th, 2022

On this blog we talk a lot about the impact of snow and ice on roads during the winter months and how they may present a danger to you when your out driving around in these conditions.  Did you know that frigid temperatures can also make a major impact on your chances of getting into a New Haven auto accident?  It’s true.  Even on a bright and sunny day, when temperatures have fallen well below freezing you are not out of the woods on dangerous driving conditions. Certainly the threat of icy road conditions increases as temperatures drop, but there is more to the dangerous conditions then just what exists on the road.  When temperatures drop your car can be a hazard in and of itself for a number of reasons. Low tire pressure.  When temperatures take a dramatic turn downward the tire pressure in your tires can significantly reduce.  You may lose between 2-5 PSI depending on how drastic the temperature drop is and therefore you could be driving around on some very dangerous tires, even if the treads are great and you’ve transitioned to winter tires.  Under-inflated tires can place you in grave danger if you are not careful and they make slipping on ice or snow even more dangerous. Low visibility due to the difference in temperature between your vehicle and the…continue reading

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