Beyond Rabies: Three Infections You Can Get From A New Haven Dog Bite Injury

May 17th, 2024

When you think about experiencing a New Haven dog bite injury one of the first things you might be concerned about is whether or not you are going to get a rabies infection. This is understandable because it is one of the most common and talked about infections that exists when thinking about interactions with animals, but rabies is far from the only infection you might experience if you are bitten by a dog. In fact, there are quite a few infections you could get from a dog bite and you should be aware of the three most common. When you get bitten by a dog you can become infected if the dog introduces certain bacteria into the wound. This can happen when the dog breaks your skin and gets his teeth deep into the wound to transfer the bacteria to your body. A wound can then become red and Read the full article…

How To Avoid A Rear-End Collision

May 15th, 2024

One of the most common types of New Haven auto accidents that occur is a rear-end collision. This is when a driver is traveling along the road and is struck from behind by another vehicle. There are a variety of reasons why these types of accidents might happen and they can be quite jarring when they do happen so it is important that you take the time to understand what you can do to avoid this type of accident as you are driving throughout the city. It is important to note that assigning blame for these types of accidents is not always as cut and dry as blaming the driver who came up from behind. While that is a starting point for figuring out the fault it is not always where the evidence leads so it is important that all drivers are aware of the hazards that can cause rear-end Read the full article…

Three Reasons You Should Turn Your Headlights On When It’s Raining

May 13th, 2024

If you’re driving in the rain the first lever you might reach for in your car is the one to turn on your windshield wipers. Of course, this is the first logical step in making sure you have good visibility and are not putting yourself at risk of getting into a New Haven auto accident. When you reach for your windshield wipers though, that shouldn’t be the only lever you reach for, you should also reach for the switch to turn your headlights on. Headlights are not just for driving at night. In fact, using your headlights during the day is a good way to have an added layer of safety for you while you’re driving. Whether it’s raining or not, it is a good idea to use your headlights to make your vehicle more visible to on-coming traffic. However, when you’re considering whether or not to use your headlights Read the full article…

Three Reasons A New Haven Pedestrian Accident Could Be Worse For Older People

May 10th, 2024

When you take a closer look at the numbers surrounding certain age groups of people and how they are affected by New Haven pedestrian accidents you start to realize that the most vulnerable people to these types of incidents are folks who are older. Those who are among the older populations of our city are often the most vulnerable around things like illnesses and criminal activity, but you may not have thought about this group in terms of the likelihood that they would be involved in more frequent accidents or more serious accidents. While older generations are often considered wiser than younger generations they are not immune to the dangers presented from being a pedestrian in the Elm City. Things like cars not following traffic signals or driving while distracted can most certainly affect the safety of all pedestrians. All of the typical dangers that all pedestrians face still exist Read the full article…

Fairness Is The Name Of The Game When Fault Is Concerned During A New Haven Auto Accident

May 8th, 2024

If you’ve ever been involved in a New Haven auto accident you know that things can move pretty fast and it can be quite jarring. It is more than likely that your heart will start racing and you will breathe heavy as you start to sort through in your mind what just happened. Not to mention, you may be injured and have to think about that and where your pain is once the dust has settled. In severe accidents you may also become surrounded by people who are there to help you but who may make the scene more stressful for you. Police officers, fire fighters and EMTs are all trained to approach you and keep you calm, but try as they might, you may just feel an overwhelming sense of dread and stress after an accident. It is for this reason that it can be hard to sort out Read the full article…

Driving In Rain To Help You Avoid A New Haven Auto Accident

May 6th, 2024

It’s been quite a wet spring here in the Elm City. With rain seemingly coming down in buckets every other day there is a lot of standing water and wet roads that can cause difficult conditions that often lead to New Haven auto accidents. Some drivers think that driving in the rain is safer then driving in snow during the winter months and there may be some truth to that, but that doesn’t mean that trying to pass along wet roads presents no risks, in fact there are quite a few risks that come from driving on wet roads. Risks that come with driving on wet roads include low visibility and hydroplaning to name a couple. If you are not careful these two hazards in particular can lead to dangerous situations that could put you at risk of getting injured or at a minimum causing property damage. While there is Read the full article…