New Haven Personal Injury & Slip and Fall Hazards

October 16th, 2019

Autumn weather brings the beauty of red, orange, and yellow to our foliage with just as perfect temperatures to enjoy it. Autumn also brings cold night temperatures, shorter days, rainier days, and piles of leaves and sticks on the ground; all of which can be the perfect combination for a New Haven slip and fall accident. By the end of the fall, we are experiencing freezing temperatures overnight. This, combined with the more frequent rain we seem to experience in during fall months, can lead to slippery walkways and parking lots. Add in the longer hours of darkness, and you have prime conditions for a New Haven slip and fall accident.  The earlier darkness also helps to obscure obstacles, pavement irregularities, and potholes – leading to trip and fall accidents.  Those colorful leaves become a real nuisance when they hit the ground.  Not only do you have to rake them up, but they can hide dangers on the ground even better than the shorter daylight hours can. All of this means that you must use more care in the fall to avoid tripping over holes, steps, frozen puddles and other traps for pedestrians that the autumn brings.  For landowners it means being ready with a rake, leaf blower, or vacuum to keep sidewalks clear of leaves.  Landowners should also have salt or sand at the ready,…continue reading

New Haven Personal Injury: Keeping Your Dog Out Of Celebrations

October 14th, 2019

Laughing, joking, and parties are all part of autumn and winter. Making sure you keep yourself and your guests safe from a New Haven personal injury should be a part of your party checklist. Dog bites can happen more often over the winter season. During these months, we keep our celebrations indoors; and that typically includes Fido, too. As we stress over preparations, so do our dogs. In the state of Connecticut, the dog bite law is strict liability. This means that when the dog you care for harms another, you are responsible for the injuries. There are very few exceptions. Dogs show their stress in their behavior by licking their lips, pulled back ears, whites of the eyes showing. growling/barking, turning their head/body away, stiff body and resisting following their owner’s commands. As people are indoors celebrating, our dogs might be getting stressed out. Here are a few ways to keep everyone safe. Keep children supervised. Children love dogs, but dogs don’t always love them back, mostly because of their unpredictable movements. Stick to their diet. Avoid feeding Fido anything other than his normal diet. When dogs eat foods outside of their routine diet, it can cause them not to feel well and become irritable. Turn down the volume. Extra noise in their home can cause dogs to stress and become less tolerant. Eyes open. Children are not the only ones who do not…continue reading

New Haven Personal Injuries and Common Injuries

October 11th, 2019

Whether you slipped in a store, or fell on a sidewalk, if you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall accident, here are the most common New Haven personal injuries you might sustain: Head injuries. A head striking the ground, curb, shelf, or other structure can cause lifelong impairments and injuries. Concussions are now classified as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Hip and/or pelvic injuries. Broken hips and pelvis bones are most often seen in elderly patients, however individuals of any age can be affected. A serious slip and fall accident could require the need for a hip replacement surgery or a prolonged nursing home stay. Torn tendons and/or ligaments. Injuries to the tendons and ligaments are very painful and can require months of physical therapy. Even then sometimes patients never fully return to 100% mobility and usability. Neck, back and spine injuries. A slip and fall accident, even trying to CATCH yourself from falling, can cause extremely painful and difficult to treat injuries. Slipped, bulging or herniated disks can cause chronic pain and even lead to surgery or make a return to work impossible. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate this claim process. Call the attorneys at McEnery Price Messey & Sullivan to begin an immediate investigation into your injury.

Pedestrian Safety This Fall

October 9th, 2019

As New Haven personal injury lawyers, we see  pedestrian accidents often. While traveling on foot is potentially dangerous all year round, it’s particularly risky during the autumn weeks and months when daylight is limited and precipitation is a common occurrence. Here are some tips to stay safe as a pedestrian this fall: Mind the crosswalk. It should go without saying that using crosswalks is the safest way to cross the street. However, you shouldn’t assume that just because you’re in a crosswalk means you’re not at risk of being struck by a car. Vehicles have blind spots, and drivers may not be able to see you if the lighting is dim, in unclear weather, or they simply aren’t looking out for pedestrians, so you should always be on high alert and walk defensively when crossing. Don’t walk and text. When navigating busy intersections, your mind needs to be completely focused on looking for cars and making sure it’s safe to cross the road. If you need to send a text, do so from the safety of the sidewalk, NOT while you’re walking in the street. Safely navigate areas without designated pedestrian paths. If you encounter a situation in which you have no choice but to walk on the street, you should always travel in the opposite direction of traffic so that oncoming motorists can see you (and you can…continue reading

New Haven Personal Injury: 9 Signs a Dog Is About To Bite

October 7th, 2019

Cold weather is on it’s way (eventually) and we are not the only ones enjoying the change of season. Our canine friends are also visiting parks, walking streets, and hanging outdoors and indoors with their owners. Even the most mild-mannered dogs can be aggravated enough to bite. The Humane Society advises keeping a safe distance between yourself and the dog and keep an eye out for these nine behaviors to avoid a New Haven personal injury: Tensed body Stiff tail Furrowed brow Yawning Pulled back head and/or ears Focused stare Eyes rolling so the whites are visible Flicking tongue or licking lips Backing away If you are in a situation where you believe a dog might bite, never turn your back and run away. The dog’s instinct will be to chase you. If you have suffered a dog bite, notify the dog’s owner and dog warden immediately and seek medical help. Connecticut dog bite law is a strict liability statute; meaning unless you are trespassing or are taunting/teasing the dog, the dog’s owner is liable for your New Haven personal injury. Contact the attorneys at our office to get immediate help handling your case.

New Haven Auto Accident: Tips for Nighttime Driving

October 4th, 2019

Driving at night can be risky;  your visibility is significantly decreased, leading to more factors that pose a risk of a New Haven auto accident. To stay safe while driving at night, the New Haven auto accident attorneys at The LoRicco Law Firm have provided these safe driving tips. Check your lights. Headlights should be used from an hour before dusk to dawn and anytime visibility is low or during bad weather. Headlights, tail lights and turn signals should be in proper working order. Check that all bulbs are operational and that lights work correctly when switched on and off. Your headlights should also be aimed properly so that you do not blind other drivers with their use. Keep a safe distance. The closer you follow a vehicle, the less time you have to react to unanticipated stops or sudden changes in traffic. For this reason you should provide a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle traveling in front of you. To keep a safe follow distance between vehicles, always leave at least three seconds of distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Do not engage in distractions. When it’s dark, it is more difficult to see hazards on the road. Remain alert while driving by ignoring distractions. This may include items, activities or people that divert your attention away from the roadway. Watch for pedestrians. Pedestrians can…continue reading

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