Massive List Of Recalls – Is Your Vehicle On The List?

March 15th, 2023

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is continually issuing recalls on major auto brands throughout the year and a large batch recently should leave you wanting to check the list for your vehicle.  If your vehicle is on the list you should make an appointment to get it resolved immediately so you can be driving a vehicle that does not have any major safety concerns and could lead to a New Haven auto accident. The latest list of recalls includes vehicles from Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford and Nissan.  All told, this list includes nearly 350,000 vehicles with problems that range from loose steering wheels to faulty airbags and everything in between.  Vehicles that are listed under recall are generally necessary to be repaired for the safety of the driver and her/his passengers. If your vehicle is under a recall it is critical that you get it repaired for the following reasons; 1.) Generally a recall is issued when there is a safety concern for the vehicle.  For instance, if you’re driving around in a vehicle that has a loose steering wheel you could be putting yourself or your passengers at risk.  Getting it fixed will allow you to operate the vehicle safely. 2.) Peace of mind.  No matter what the recall is for, knowing about it will likely cause some uneasiness or anxiety around…continue reading

What To Do If You Are In A New Haven Auto Accident With A Building

March 13th, 2023

You read that right, getting into a New Haven auto accident with a building does happen and it has happened in the past.  While not in New Haven, a good example of this is the recent crash that happened between a driver who is driving a Jeep and Staples High School in Westport, CT.  Getting into an accident with a building or other inanimate object is not the most common thing, but it happens frequently enough that you should be aware of how you should handle an accident such as this. When an accident like this occurs the situations can be varied and unique so it is quite difficult to be prepared fully for an incident, but there will be similarities in all cases to make sure you are taken care of and you find the support you need to resolve the issue effectively.  Having a grasp of the basics of resolving this type of accident is the best way you can protect yourself from causing any further harm after the accident occurs. Once the accident happens you may be in a state of shock or disbelief, especially if it occurs quickly and without warning, which most of these types of situations do.  Before you take any steps to move forward, take stock of yourself and your surroundings to make sure that you are not…continue reading

When Your Vehicle Is Struck With A Flying Object, Remain Calm

March 9th, 2023

A man was recently arrested in Connecticut after he used a slingshot to shoot small balls at cars on Governor’s Highway which ended up shattering the windshield of some vehicles.  This incident is not unlike other incidents that have occurred throughout the state and the country and often lead to New Haven auto accidents because the driver is startled or injured. It can be jarring when you are driving along the road and minding your own business and all of a sudden your vehicle is struck by a flying object.  Sometimes these objects are intentionally thrown or shot at your car, other times it can be a rock that gets turned up by your tire and comes flying at your windshield that will startle you, either way it can definitely be unexpected.  If this does happen to you there is very little you can do to prepare because it happens so suddenly, but you can certainly make an attempt to minimize the harm that it causes to you and your vehicle. By being prepared with the steps you can take in the event that an object is suddenly flying into your car, you can make sure that you are safe, even after the incident occurs.  Follow these steps to make sure you are safe. Step #1: Stay calm.  This can be challenging when you’ve been…continue reading

Steps To Take After Experiencing A New Haven Dog Bite Injury

March 6th, 2023

The weather is warming up (although did it ever get cold this winter?) and that means you may be out and about more often and interacting with dogs that you might otherwise not be interacting with.  These interactions may lead to a New Haven dog bite injury that will cause you pain and suffering and in some cases may end you up in the hospital. This type of injury can be scary and leave you wondering what happened and how it happened so fast.  The aftermath of such an injury can be very serious and if not handled correctly can leave you stunned and without anything to show for your injury and mental anguish.  It is critically important that you not only take good care of yourself, but also follow a series of steps if you were to be injured by a dog bite so you can get the medical attention and compensation you may be entitled to receive.  In order to make sure you are taken care of, you should follow these steps to document your injury and protect your interests. Step #1: Take photos: Depending on the severity of your injury, photos can help document the scene where the bite occurred.  You should take photos of your injury, the surroundings and, if possible, the dog who bit you.  These photos can be used…continue reading

New Westville Intersection Aims To Reduce New Haven Auto Accidents

March 4th, 2023

If you haven’t been driving in Westville lately you might have missed the traffic calming measures that have been put in place at the intersection of Chapel St. and Yale Avenue.  After the intersection saw 50 New Haven auto accidents in the last three years, city officials determined that it was time to do something about this dangerous stretch of road so they undertook a project that improved the traffic flow. The new traffic calming measures, when viewed from above, look like a peanut, but despite the funny shape, city officials believe it will have a tremendous impact on the safe flow of traffic.  While the old intersection had not seen any fatalities, the 50 accidents in 3 years was alarming and required attention.  Along with shorter pavement for cars to navigate the new shape of the intersection also shortens the distance pedestrians will have to travel to cross the intersection from 40 feet across to two sections of 15-20 feet.  This is good for pedestrian safety.   This calming measure that was put in place at the intersection is among the many that the city of New Haven has undertaken over the last few months and will continue to roll out in the coming months.  Traffic calming measures can have a dramatic impact on the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the city, but…continue reading

March Is Brain Injury Awareness Month – Here’s What You Need To Know

March 2nd, 2023

There are some pretty silly “National” months that have cropped over the years and you see them all over the Internet when the calendar changes to a new month, but March does have a particular significance to the health and well-being of all people.  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and it is critical to getting the word out about how brain injuries happen, what types of brain injuries there are and how you can prevent a brain injury from happening to you. With that in mind, today we’re going to highlight some of the ways you can get a brain injury through common everyday accidents like New Haven auto accidents or New Haven bicycle accidents.  This is in no way to startle you, but rather to inform and protect you as you participate in these necessary daily tasks that could put you at risk any month of the year. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can occur in many different ways, but one significant way is when you are driving in the car.  Accidents that involve motor vehicles traveling at a high speed can lead to severe injuries and sometimes death.  To avoid a brain injury that occurs as the result of an auto accident you will want to take some precautionary steps to keep yourself safe; 1.) Wear a seat belt: Seat belts are one…continue reading

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