More Than A Helmet: What The CDC Recommends You Wear To Avoid A Bike Accident

September 12th, 2022

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does a lot of research on a variety of things that range from infectious diseases to, yes, bicycle accidents and the agency often releases recommendations for protecting your health and safety in many circumstances. When it comes to bicycle accidents the agency has put out guidance on how to protect yourself from being involved in a serious and even deadly crash while on two wheels. The first and most important thing you can do as a rider is to wear a helmet. While a helmet may not prevent you from getting into a New Haven bicycle accident, it may reduce the severity if you happen to get into an accident. Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle is not required by law for anyone over the age of 16 in the state of Connecticut, but it is strongly recommended for all riders by the CDC. The CDC has also looked at other clothing that a cyclist might wear to help protect her/him from getting into an accident and there are some elements that you should consider when choosing what to wear while riding your bike.  The CDC recommends the following clothing to keep you safe; 1.) Fluorescent clothing:  Wearing brightly colored clothing can help a cyclist be more visible during the day.  Wearing a shirt that is…continue reading

Take These Three Steps If A Sudden Storm Arises While You’re Driving

September 6th, 2022

We are currently in the middle of hurricane season and while it has been a relatively quiet start to the stormy time of year, anything can happen and more named storms are likely to occur.  It is for this reason and the fact that at this time of year, extreme temperature changes often happen and storms pop up relatively quickly that it is important to know what to do if you are driving and a storm happens.  You will want to take some safety measures to protect you and your loved ones who you are driving with to help avoid a New Haven auto accident. Before you leave your house, even if it is a sunny day, you should do a safety check of your vehicle in case a storm comes out of nowhere and you are not prepared.  You should make sure your windshield wipers are properly installed and have been tested to make sure that if you are presented with a large amount of water on your windshield that they are able to clear the water away easily.  Once you’ve preformed a safety check on your wipers, you can head out knowing that you will be able to face the rise of a sudden storm safely. Now, what to do if you are out driving and all of a sudden a storm pops up? …continue reading

Collect This Information If You’re Ever In A New Haven Auto Accident

September 3rd, 2022

We hope that you are never in a New Haven auto accident, but if you do, you should be prepared with what information you collect.  If you leave the scene of the accident without all of the pertinent information it can slow down your insurance claim or completely stall it and not allow you to get the proper financial and medical attention that you need and are entitled to.  In that vein, it is important that you know what information you need to collect so when you sit down to file your claim or work with one of our experienced attorneys to help you with your claim you have all of the information you need. Understanding the need for this information is important whether you are the driver of the vehicle or a passenger as often what will happen is that the driver will get shaken up by the accident and she/he will forget bits and pieces of the information that is needed.  It is important to have someone by your side who can be a second memory to encourage you to get all of the information that you need to make sure you are protected in the long run.  If you’re a passenger in a vehicle you should be prepared with this information as well. The information that you need to collect will depend…continue reading

This Is What The CDC Recommends For Avoiding A New Haven Pedestrian Accident

August 31st, 2022

The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) studies and does research on many health related issues.  In recent years, most Americans have become familiar with the agency because of their work on the COVID-19 virus, but that is not the only type of thing they work on.  In fact, anything that touches public health and safety is something that the CDC will look into.  This includes pedestrian safety which is an area where you might not expect much from the agency.  In recent years as pedestrian accidents have increased it has become more and more important that these incidents be looked at as public health and safety issues and more be learned about how they can be prevented. This is not a small problem across the United States, in fact, in 2020 there were 7,000 deaths relating to pedestrians and motor vehicles.  If you calculate that out, it becomes one death every 75 minutes.  To take the point even further, as auto accidents get a lot of the coverage, 1 out of every 6 crashes in 2020 involved a pedestrian.  These stunning numbers required further investigation and more thoughtful people looking at the issue and coming up with ways that the average person can work to avoid getting injured or killed in this type of accident in the future. In that vein, the CDC…continue reading

How Trees Get Involved In New Haven Auto Accidents

August 30th, 2022

When you first hear about someone running into a tree you may think to yourself, how is that even possible.  The truth of the matter is that running into a tree or any inanimate object as part of a New Haven auto accident is not all that strange or unusual.  The bad news is that it can often be deadly, as in the case of this Northford man who recently ran into a tree while driving in North Haven.  The good news is that accidents with inanimate objects can also be somewhat easily preventable. Drivers who find themselves injured after an accident with an inanimate object are often not entirely sure how the accident happened because at the time they became out of control and did not have rationality about their space or surroundings.  These accidents don’t always happen due to gross negligence on the part of the driver and sometimes they are not the result of one factor alone.  There can be multiple factors at play.  For instance, a driver may have to swerve out of her/his lane due to on-coming traffic or an animal in the road and that may suddenly put the car in a tailspin that could result in the car going out of control and hitting an inanimate object.  This is just one among many situations where it may not be…continue reading

Keeping Your Dog And Yourself Safe From A New Haven Auto Accident

August 27th, 2022

A recent incident in Tennessee is shedding some light on the dangers of allowing your dog to be off it’s leash, especially around traffic.  A 33-year old man was killed after chasing his dog into on-coming traffic.  By all accounts, the driver who hit and killed the man was driving lawfully down the road when the pedestrian stepped into the road and was struck.  This dangerous scenario could have been prevented if the dog had been kept on it’s leash and the man had been able to keep him out of harms way before entering the traffic. When you’re in rural Tennessee there may be less traffic and fewer chances that something like this fluke accident will happen, but when you’re on the streets of the city of New Haven, there is a greater risk, especially if your dog is off it’s leash that the dog or you, the owner, could find yourself injured or killed in a New Haven auto accident.  While there may be options for dogs to run loose in rural areas, in a crowded city like New Haven, there need to be safeguards put in place so an animal getting loose does not cause an accident where a man dies trying to save his pet from danger. Here are some things you can do to make sure this situation does not…continue reading

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