New Haven Pedestrian Accidents: How To Safely Navigate The Streets

May 13th, 2020

After a crazy early spring, things will hopefully return to some resemblance of normalcy soon. That means we’re seeing people out walking everywhere. If pedestrians are careless, the uptick in foot traffic can lead to New Haven pedestrian accidents. To safely navigate the streets of New Haven on foot by: Stick to sidewalks and crosswalks. If you’re in a rush, it can be tempting to scoot around others by stepping off into the street or veering from the crosswalks. Don’t do this. Drivers expect you to be using the sidewalks and crosswalks, so they may not be keeping as close of an eye out for you in areas where these exist. Out at night, wear white. Well, you don’t necessarily have to wear white, but do dress in such a way that drivers can see you when it is dark and gloomy outside. A brightly colored umbrella, a reflective vest or even light-colored clothing can help you be more visible. Watch the drivers. Make eye contact before you step in front of a vehicle. Don’t assume they see you. Also, watch for blinkers that indicate they plan to turn into your path: Even if you have the right of way, make sure they see you crossing and stop instead of making that turn. Double check driveways and exits. Sometimes drivers forget to slow down as…continue reading

Safely Sharing The Road With Truck Drivers Can Prevent A New Haven Truck Accident

May 11th, 2020

Remember being a little kid and trying to get big rigs to honk their horns at you as you drove past? That was fun! But as an adult, you probably know that these drivers need to be paying attention to the road instead.  Because truck drivers can be hampered by blind spots, it’s critical that you take the following steps to help prevent a New Haven truck accident: Leave space. Don’t follow too closely behind a truck because trucks can be slower to stop in an emergency. Similarly, don’t zip in front of one too closely because a truck’s brakes won’t halt the vehicle as quickly as auto brakes can.  Signal. Your blinkers are your way of communicating with other drivers. Always let truck drivers know when you plan to switch lanes. Avoid the truck driver’s blind spots. It’s best to pass trucks on the driver’s side so that they can see you coming. Also, if you can’t see the driver in their side mirror, remember that they can’t see you either. Move quickly out of their blind spots. Make them aware of your presence. Don’t be afraid to let the truck driver know that you are nearby if it seems like they are moving towards your vehicle. Use your horn firmly and swiftly if necessary.   Be a safe driver too. Truck drivers are doing their…continue reading

Understanding What Strict Liability Means When You’ve Been Involved In A New Haven Dog Bite Incident

May 7th, 2020

Who is at fault when it comes to a New Haven dog bite incident? Most likely, that would be the dog’s owner or caretaker.  In Connecticut, strict liability is adhered to in cases that involve dog bite injuries. This means that the person who was hurt by a dog bite does not need to prove that (A) the dog’s owner knew the dog was vicious or (B) the owner had been negligent in caring for the dog before they can seek damages related to the incident. If a dog harms you or your property, you can hold the owner liable. In the event that more than one dog was involved, you can hold all of the owners liable for damages.  To dog owners, this means that, even if you didn’t mean for your dog to cause harm and you were taking the kind of care that would normally be required when dealing with an animal, you could be held liable for New Haven dog bite injuries.  There are, of course, exceptions to this. If the victim was trespassing or committing some other wrongful act on the dog’s property, or if the person was teasing or harming the dog, then the dog’s owner is no longer liable. Both the definitions of trespassing and teasing can be interpreted by the courts as they take into consideration what “normal”…continue reading

How To Prep Your Car For A Safe Summer Day Trip

May 6th, 2020

You’ve been dreaming of a summer day trip for months now. Maybe you’re headed to the beach for a day of lounging or to the mountains for a brisk morning hike. Whatever your plans this summer, make sure to prep your car so that it is safe as you travel. Summertime is full of fun and adventure, so enjoy it – just be safe about it!  Quickly prep your car to avoid road trouble: Look at your battery to make sure that the connections are tight and any corrosion is cleaned off. Summer heat will only make these worse.  Check your coolant so that your engine doesn’t overheat. Be sure to do this while the engine is cool to avoid injury.  Double check that your brakes are working well. If not, take your vehicle in for service: It’s not safe to drive if you can’t stop well.  Be sure that your tires are in good shape and that you have a viable spare tire. Confirm that you have the tools you might need to change a tire packed with you.  Ensure your fluids are topped off, particularly your windshield wiper fluid because the bright summer sun can create a dangerous glare when shining through dirty windows.   If you’re towing extras, like boats and campers, be sure to increase the frequency of oil changes. Have your…continue reading

Break These Three Distracted Driving Habits To Avoid A Connecticut Auto Accident

May 4th, 2020

After being cooped up in the house for so long, we’re all anxious to hit the open road and enjoy a taste of spring freedom! However, to avoid a Connecticut auto accident, make sure to drive safely out there. Safe driving means focused driving, so make sure you skip these distracted driving habits.  Talking on the phone. We see so many cases that are caused by people talking on the phone while behind the wheel. Sure drive time can seem like a good opportunity to catch up with someone you’ve been missing, but a good conversation means connecting with the other person – listening and sharing emotions – which is terribly distracting when you should be paying attention to the road ahead.  Eating and drinking. Eating is another common distracted-driving habit. It only takes tipping up your cup to get that last sip of coffee to block your vision for a split second. If that’s the moment someone steps into the street, you’ve caused an accident.  Tuning the radio. And, of course, there are those pesky radio commercials. Don’t change the station while you’re moving: This takes your eyes off of the road, leaving you unprepared for what might happen next.  Remember, it’s critical that when you’re in control of a car or truck that your focus remains on driving and being aware of your…continue reading

New Haven Personal Injury: A Review of CT Helmet Laws

April 30th, 2020

Spring weather may finally make its way to us by the end of the week. Now that the days are longer and weather is (hopefully) getting warmer, it is a great time to review Connecticut helmet and safety laws for cyclists. New Haven motorcycle accidents and New Haven bicycle accidents do happen and it is important to understand safety laws to avoid injury and a citation. Motorcycle Helmet Laws Motorcycle operators over the age of 18 years are not required to wear a safety helmet under Connecticut law. However, 16 and 17 year old motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet. All motorcyclists are required to wear protective eyewear, either goggles or glasses, unless the motorcycle is equipped with a windshield. Bicycle Helmet Laws All bicyclists under the age of 16 years are required to wear a safety helmet. If you or your loved one is in a motorcycle accident or a bike accident, call our office immediately. Our team of experienced attorneys might be able to help you file your claim. The attorneys at Loricco Law Firm wish all Connecticut cyclists a safe riding season!

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