Spring Is Here And So Are Motorcycles

April 5th, 2019

Spring is here! Even though it was official back in March, we will see a few days of 60 degrees over the next several days. Another sign of spring is the return of motorcycles to New Haven roadways. Motorcyclists. however, can face some vulnerabilities on roadways that drivers don’t face. Below are some tips riders can incorporate to avoid a crash. Be aware of visibility. Motorcyclists are tough for drivers to see. They can move in and out of blind spots and should be aware of driver blind spots. Be careful about riding at night. Riders should wear reflective clothing so they can be seen easier at night. Save tricks for the parking lot. Tricks are fun, but when done in roadways they can drastically increase the likelihood of a New Haven personal injury. The New Haven personal injury lawyers at The LoRicco Law Firm wish you safe and fun spring riding season. If you do find yourself or a loved one in an accident, contact our firm. We can meet with you at your home, hospital, or any place you are recovering.

New Haven Personal Injury & Distracted Walking

April 3rd, 2019

It is very well documented that distracted driving is a public safety concern as well as a cause for New Haven personal injury. It is such a problem that many states, including Connecticut, have laws banning mobile device usage to varying degrees. While we may laugh at the woman who falls over the cellar doors, distracted walking is very dangerous. In fact, the Connecticut lawmakers are considering legislation that would give violators a warning for a first offense and a $20 fine for each subsequent offense. Common risks associated with distracted walking are: Trips, sprains, and strains Fractures and broken bones Cuts and bruises Spinal cord injuries Concussions and brain injuries Death If you or a loved one was injured and believe someone else was negligent, contact the New Haven personal injury lawyers at The LoRicco Law Firm. Our team will work to help protect your long term interests.  

April Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April 1st, 2019

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness month and whether it is high-speed travel along I-95 or I-91, or lower speed travel through downtown, it is no secret that travel through New Haven can be dangerous.  Distracted driving can add to that danger, and can cause undue New Haven auto accidents that can hurt yourself or others. Keeping your focus on the road will help keep you and other drivers safe. This is especially imperative for those with teen drivers, who are inexperienced with driving and have a higher incidence of being distracted. We all need a reminder every so often to put down the phone or not eat while driving, because the safety of all those on the road is important. Types of distracted driving include: Eating or drinking Reading Texting or talking on your cell phone Eating or drinking Grooming or applying makeup Smoking Using GPS systems Getting something out of a purse or other bag Reaching for toys If you or a loved one was injured and believe the other drive to have been distracted, contact the New Haven auto accident attorneys at The LoRicco Law Firm for your free consultation. We have proudly served New Haven and the Connecticut shoreline for nearly 60 years.

5 More Common New Haven Personal Injuries After A Pedestrian Accident

March 29th, 2019

A few days ago, we published a blog on common injuries pedestrians are vulnerable to. We have five more New Haven personal injuries that are common for pedestrians who get into an accident. Amputations. In some instances, pedestrian accidents can have serious lifelong repercussions on the victim’s body such as amputation of limbs and extremities. Broken Bones. Broken bones are some of the most common injuries sustained by pedestrians who are struck by cars, trucks, or other motorized vehicles. These injuries occur when an external force causes a break in the continuity of a bone. Broken bones can be extremely painful and can require intensive medical treatment to correct. Injured Extremities. Extremities are at risk of injury as well. The impact from a vehicle can cause pedestrians to suffer injuries such as scrapes, broken bones, or even, in some extreme cases, a loss of an extremity resulting from a serious injury. Emotional Trauma. Not all injuries are physical. In fact, even if an individual does not suffer permanent physical injuries, he or she may suffer from emotional trauma. Death. Pedestrians being struck by a vehicle are at high risk of death. This is caused not only by the sheer size of vehicles but also because of the lack of protection for the pedestrian. If you or a loved one were injured a pedestrian accident, contact the New Haven personal injury lawyers at The…continue reading

Common New Haven Personal Injuries After A Pedestrian Accident

March 27th, 2019

Pedestrians can be vulnerable to New Haven personal injuries. Whether walking, jogging, running, or sitting, pedestrians can be left with life-altering injuries. Below are some of the most common injuries that pedestrians suffer after an accident. Traumatic Brain Injuries. TBIs are caused when an outside force causes brain dysfunction, usually a violent blow to the head or body that can result from a car accident. While some TBIs can be minor, others can have severe medical consequences. Spinal Cord Injuries. A spinal cord injury when a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine that fractures or dislocates vertebrae. Because the spinal cord is the mechanism for transmitting signals between the brain and the body, even minute damage can have life-changing results. Fractures. A bone fracture occurs when the physical force exerted on a bone is stronger than the bone itself. While treatable, the injury can cause lifelong pain and medical problems that can impact well-being and quality of life. Soft Tissue Injuries. These types of injuries include bruises, lacerations, tears, dislocations, and sprains. Many soft tissue injuries resolve with little medical intervention, they can cause significant pain and may keep you from everyday activities and working for weeks or even months. They can leave victims with unsightly scarring or other permanent issues that can have an impact on their emotional well-being. If you or a loved one was a pedestrian injured in an accident, contact the…continue reading

What Is Bodily Liability Coverage?

March 25th, 2019

Unless you have been in a New Haven auto accident, you may not even know what bodily liability coverage is. The state of Connecticut requires that all drivers carry bodily injury liability coverage on their auto insurance plan.  The minimum requirement for coverage is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident (as of January 1, 2018). What does bodily injury insurance cover when you’ve been in a New Haven auto accident? Generally bodily injury coverages will provide for compensation of injuries sustained by you or others in an accident and can include, but is not limited to: Short-term care Long-term nursing care Lost income from time off of work Pain and suffering Coverage will vary from insurance carrier to insurance carrier, so it is critical that you know and understand what your policy does and does not cover. If you find yourself in an accident it is important to seek medical attention, obtain a police report and then contact an experienced and knowledgeable New Haven auto accident attorney to help represent your long term interests.

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