You Can’t Get Bitten By A Dog In The Winter, Can You?

November 7th, 2021

While the spring and summer months are active seasons for encountering dogs, especially non-familiar dogs, the winter months can also be a time when these encounters occur.  It doesn’t matter what season the weather finds itself in, a New Haven dog bite can happen anytime and anywhere.  In the winter, these types of injuries have a tendency to happen inside more often then not, but they can still happen outside as well. When encountering a dog that you are unfamiliar with you should approach with caution and make sure the owner gives consent before petting or playing with the dog.  You should never surprise a dog by coming up behind her/him.  One other thing you should avoid is playing too aggressively with a dog you just met.  A dog might come up to you with a toy in his mouth wanting you to play with him which may seem harmless, but when he starts to get going it can get more aggressive and turn into anger with you and lead to an injury. Here are some winter encounters you may have with an unfamiliar dog that you should be on the lookout for: A holiday party or gathering.  If you’re headed over to a friend or family’s home for a holiday gathering and they have a dog you should be on alert.  Especially when food…continue reading

A Severe Burn From A Fireplace Might Be A New Haven Personal Injury Case

November 6th, 2021

The season is upon us when cold weather gives way to cozy evenings by the fire indoors.  There is nothing that signals the coming winter months quite like a roaring fire in the fireplace.  Gather friends in that room with a few cocktails and there will be a whole lot of joy filling the air. One thing that can tamper that joy is if someone were to get burned by tending to the fire resulting in a New Haven personal injury case.   Danger arises when you mix alcohol and someone who may be inexperienced in tending to a fire, even if it is a somewhat controlled fire in a fireplace. It may happen quickly and without you even knowing it when someone is over, as a guest of yours to your house, and the think they can take care of the fire that you built inside your own fireplace.  After having a few drinks everyone thinks they know just how to keep the fire roaring, but this can lead to dangerous severe burns which might include the following; When reaching in to add a log to the fire your guest accidentally knocks over one of the already burning logs which falls out of the fireplace and burns him on the leg causing serious third degree burns which might have devastating long-term impacts. A party guest…continue reading

Three Rules Of Thumb To Avoid A New Haven Pedestrian Accident

November 3rd, 2021

We have been blessed with some warmer than average temperatures over the last few weeks and it looks like that will continue into the rest of the month.  With temperatures cooperating many more of us are out and about enjoying what the Elm City has to offer on foot.  The one thing that has been closer to “normal” is the fluctuation of when it gets dark.  With the end of daylights savings time ahead this weekend, this fluctuation will become even more problematic for pedestrians. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 30% of all pedestrian deaths happen between 6pm and 9pm.  As the days get shorter and shorter, this window is likely to increase by an hour or two as dusk falls in the very early evening.  It is for this reason that in order to avoid a New Haven pedestrian accident this time of year it is critical that you follow some very simple rules to keep yourself safe. Be predictable.  If on-coming traffic is unsure where you are going or if you’ll be in their path it is harder for them to properly avoid you and keep you safe.  If you’re walking down the street you should never jut out into traffic and always cross at a crosswalk or a well-lit intersection.  If you run out from behind…continue reading

5 Tricks To Avoid A Haunted Halloween New Haven Auto Accident

October 31st, 2021

You’ve spent your days and nights hemming and hawing about what your Halloween costume will be and now the day is upon us.  Maybe it was your child who was hemming and hawing over their Halloween costume, but nonetheless the day is here and we want to make sure you stay safe when you are out and about through the city.  There is a great potential for a New Haven auto accident when so many people are out and about Trick or Treating.  With more people walking throughout the city, it’s important that you stay vigilant in being aware of people who may not be paying as much attention as they should be. While there are a lot of things parents can talk to their Trick or Treaters about how to stay safe like not running, looking both ways before crossing, etc., it’s also important that as a driver you follow some rules when moving about the city on Halloween night.  We’ve put together a list of tricks that will help keep you safe and the kids throughout the city safe. SLOW DOWN.  On this day of all days you should drive more slowly.  It is much more likely that children will be out and not paying attention to crossing the street so you must remain extra vigilant. Drive with your headlights on.  Even at…continue reading

Dress For The Cold While Avoiding A New Haven Motorcycle Accident

October 29th, 2021

The temperatures are dropping but there are still quite a few days left where you can take your motorcycle out for a ride.  The colder weather means some conditions are going to get a little less favorable like roads that are covered with fallen leaves and the possibility of some icy conditions, but overall this time of year is a perfect time to get out and ride. As is the case with most things this time of year when riding your motorcycle you’ll need to adjust your wardrobe so you can do your best to avoid a New Haven motorcycle accident.  You may not give too much thought to the clothes you’re wearing when riding your motorcycle, but they can have a drastic impact on your safety and comfort while out for a ride. Here is how you should dress for the perfect autumn ride: Always wear a helmet and in the fall months you may want to make it a full face helmet so you don’t lose heat out of the top or front of the helmet.  This can also protect your face from wind burn. Layers are a must, but you’ll need to make sure they are form fitting like thermals so that they are not flapping in the breeze. Ride with gloves.  While gloves may not always be a part of your…continue reading

Use This Simple Tool To Avoid Driving Impaired Due To Prescription Drugs

October 27th, 2021

When you are prescribed certain medications you may not be thinking at the time how it may affect your ability to safely operate a vehicle.  In fact, when most people think of impaired driving they think of driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, but prescription drugs have elements that can lead to impaired driving and therefore cause a New Haven auto accident. While most prescription drugs have labels on them warning you of the possible side effects they have on you, it may be unclear to you if you’re able to operate a vehicle when taking a particular type of drug.  There is good news on this front, the folks at AAA have developed an easy to use tool that can help you determine whether or not the drugs you have been prescribed will affect your ability to operate a vehicle safely. The tool is called Roadwise RX and you can access it here.  The tool is simple to use, just type in the name of the drug you have been prescribed and it will tell you if there are warnings for you to avoid operating a vehicle when on a particular drug.  Following these guidelines will help you be safe when behind the wheel. You may not consider the potential dangers of driving while on a prescription medication because they are not…continue reading

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