Increased Alcohol Sales And Stress May Be Leading To More Fatal Car Crashes

December 27th, 2020

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it.  With all that has gone on there is no wonder that stress rates are through the roof and that alcohol sales have seen a spike since the start of 2020.  In fact, alcohol sales in particular are up 14% over this time last year and the likely culprit is stress.  While it is too early to say whether this stress and alcohol use are leading to more fatal New Haven auto accidents, there is research to show that fatalities are up this year over last year, despite a reduction in traffic. Along with higher stress rates and alcohol sales rising there has also been an increase in opioid use.  Before COVID-19 fatalities from opioid use were up significantly in the three years from 2017, and with stress and other factors exacerbating drug use it is expected that this type of drug use will continue to rise into early 2021 and beyond.  Opioid use while driving is equally deadly. So, what can you do to keep yourself and loved ones safe during this time of heightened stress? Always designate a driver.  If you are drinking, you should never get behind the wheel. Slow down.  When people are stressed they often speed.  Speeding is one of the deadliest things you can do behind the wheel. Check in on your loved…continue reading

New Haven Auto Accidents: 28% Of Holiday Accidents Involve Drunk Driving

December 22nd, 2020

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) keeps a close eye on auto accidents year round to help determine when the highest rate of accidents is and typically they have found that times around the holidays seem to be some of the deadliest on the road.  New Haven auto accidents typically happen at a higher rate this time of year too.  One of the biggest culprits of accidents during this time of year is drunk driving. According to a study conducted between 2012-2016 the DOT found that a staggering 14,472 people lost their lives in auto accidents in the month of December alone.  Of those that were killed in an auto accident, a full 28% of them were involved in an accident that occurred due to someone driving while under the influence of alcohol.  That’s a total of 3,995 people who lost their lives in alcohol related crashes in just the month of December through 4 years. The numbers get even more staggering when you look at the time period between Christmas and New Years Eve when an average of 300 people died each year in alcohol related crashes. The only solution to this epidemic of auto accident fatalities is to never get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking.  Even if you’ve only had one drink, you should always designate a driver for the night. …continue reading

How To Avoid A New Haven Pedestrian Accident In A Parking Lot During Holiday Shopping

December 20th, 2020

There may be less traffic when you’re out and about this holiday shopping season, but parking lots, no matter how busy they are, can be really busy and treacherous places for pedestrians.  New Haven pedestrian accidents are bound to happen during the holiday shopping season in parking lots in and around the city and many can become dangerous.  It is important to take steps to protect yourself when you’re shopping so you can get what you need, but arrive home safely. Whether you’re in a car or walking through a parking lot you should always be alert and aware of your surroundings.  As a pedestrian you will want to take extra steps to protect your safety and not go toe to toe with a car or SUV in the parking lot of your favorite store this holiday season.  Here are some steps that are recommended by AAA Northeast to keep you safe when shopping. Walk in well-lit areas.  The most dangerous parts of a parking lot or parking garage are those that are not lit well. Wear bright clothing.  Sure festive colors might look nice, but they are not as safe as wearing a bright color so you stand out to cars and other vehicles. Keep your cellphone in your pocket.  Of course you’ve heard about distracted driving, but distracted walking is also a thing and…continue reading

Are Men Or Women More Likely To Get Into A New Haven Auto Accident?

December 17th, 2020

We’ve heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but that doesn’t tell us much about how they drive.  It’s a debate that has sparked many arguments over the years, but there has never been any definitive research done about who are better drivers, men or women.  It is a touchy topic of conversation, but the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety aimed to tackle it and the answer was clear, men take the prize for participating in the riskiest behaviors behind the wheel.  While this is not to say that they are the most likely to get into a New Haven auto accident, risky behaviors certainly do lead to more dangerous conditions on the road. The data is clear when it comes to some of the riskiest behaviors that drivers participate in behind the wheel men have been shown to drive more aggressively.  Let’s take a look at the numbers; 52% of men reported driving over the speed limit by at least 15 MPH (44.6% of women) 37.8% of men reported tailgating cars in front of them when they were driving too slowly (29.3% of women) 35.4% of men reported honking or making rude gestures at passing vehicles (28% of women) 32.2% of men reported running a red light (30% of women) While these numbers don’t necessarily settle the debate about who…continue reading

Tips For Avoiding A New Haven Auto Accident In A Store Parking Lot

December 14th, 2020

The hustle and bustle of the holidays feels different this year, but one thing remains the same, traffic in and out of parking lots and parking garages can lead to New Haven auto accidents which could cause you to have a very drab holiday. When you’re racing in and out of stores and parking lots your mind will undoubtedly be on something other than being safe and avoiding an accident, but you still need to keep your exposure about you and get to where you are going safely.  We’ve put together a couple of tips to help you do just that.  You’ll need to put down your shopping list for a minute to read them over, but we hope they will help you get to and from your destination safely and in time to celebrate a wonderful holiday. Don’t worry about what spot you’re getting, worry about driving safely.  If you miss the “perfect” spot, another one will open up shortly. Avoid stopping short.  Follow all traffic signs as you move through a parking lot, but don’t stop where you aren’t required to without signaling.  If you’re going to stop to turn into a parking spot use your blinker. Minimize the volume of traffic around you and your car by parking farther away.  Sure this one means a longer walk, but in the long run…continue reading

5 Things That ARE Distracted Driving But Are NOT Using Your Cell Phone

December 11th, 2020

We hear about distracted driving in the news all the time and how it leads to New Haven auto accidents.  Each year thousands of people die in accidents that are the result of distracted driving, but did you know that it’s not only considered distracted driving when you’re using your cell phone?  In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identified distracted driving as any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from driving. While utilizing a cell phone while driving is the most common and most referenced issue when it comes to distracted driving, it is not the only way you can be distracted while on the road.  Here are some other very common and less publicized ways you can have you attention taken away from the most important role you have as a driver and that is keeping yourself and your passengers safe. Eating – drive-thrus are popular, but they can also be dangerous.  If you’re eating anything while you’re driving your full attention is not on the road. Singing/Listening to music – have you ever gotten “lost” in a piece of music?  This can happen to anyone and it can be incredible distracting from your responsibilities as the driver. Talking to passengers – while it is unlikely that you will remain silent when driving with someone else in the care, engaging…continue reading

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