Why You Should NEVER Use Social Media While Driving.

June 26, 2024
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Whether you’re sitting at a red light or are stuck in traffic it can be tempting to sneak a peak at your favorite social media app to see what you’ve been missing since you’ve been on the road. It is important that you let that temptation pass without giving into it. Checking social media can be the ultimate distraction while you’re driving and the time that it takes you away from being able to focus on the road in front of you could be the difference between getting to your destination safely or getting into a New Haven auto accident that could cause an injury or property damage.

Being distracted while you’re driving is one of the most dangerous things that you can be while you’re behind the wheel. Even small distractions like a conversation with a passenger could result in you taking your eyes or your mind off the road for a split second and that’s all that it takes to get into an accident and get injured. While there are many distractions that you might experience while you’re driving like making a phone call, sending a text, eating food you got at the drive-thru or exterior distractions like billboards or other items that pop-up along your drive, one of the deadliest distractions is social media while you’re driving.

While there has not been conclusive evidence about social media and the dangers it presents when driving, there are a number of studies that suggest that social media is not only time consuming, but it is also addicting. An addictive behavior that takes your attention away from the road could lead you to a prolonged distraction which may wind up putting you at risk. Even if you’re just taking a quick look at something on social media you may be spending more time then you think while looking at your app of choice and this could take you away from the important work of driving safely.

Some of the impacts of utilizing social media while you’re driving may include;

1.) Reduced reaction times. More then any other thing you use on your phone, social media is a visual medium and can require serious attention from you mentally. Both of these things will likely take your eyes away from the road and leave you thinking about things other than what you are doing to stay safe while you’re behind the wheel. There are studies that exist that suggest that social media can slow your reaction time even more then the use of alcohol.

2.) Reduced focus. When we’re talking about scrolling and reading social media while driving your focus may be greatly reduced. What happens when you are posting to social media while you are driving? The focus you should be paying to the road in front of you is being monopolized by thinking about and executing your latest post and this could leave you at a greater risk of an accident. Even if you think you can do both post and drive, your mind cannot handle these two things at once and one of them will inevitably suffer. If you put your phone away and avoid social media while you’re driving you will be in a much better position to be safe.

3.) Triple the risk of accidents. Research has suggested that the use of social media while you’re driving may increase your risk of getting into an accident by three fold. This staggering number should be enough to steer you away from social media while you’re driving. When you’re not focused on the road in front of you you may be missing hazards that may directly impact your ability to operate your vehicle safely. You may also lose sight of street signs and traffic lights which could lead you into an intersection at an inopportune time.

While social media is a very valuable tool that when used safely and appropriately can connect people in all the best ways, it is not a tool that should be used while you’re driving. Scrolling, posting and liking posts when you’re behind the wheel of a car may lead you to get into a New Haven auto accident which could cause an injury or property damage. It is best to leave your phone stowed away while you’re driving and if you can’t resist social media, pull over or wait until you get to your destination to check it again. This simple act may save your life or the lives of others you are driving with.

Distracted driving can be a problem, no matter how you are distracted. If you are using your cell phone or are on social media apps while you’re driving you may get into an accident. When an injury or property damage occurs you may need to seek the advice of an attorney who has experience with the type of situation you are facing. Contact our office and one of our attorneys will review your situation and will work to protect your long-term interests.