A Severe Burn From A Fireplace Might Be A New Haven Personal Injury Case

November 6, 2021
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The season is upon us when cold weather gives way to cozy evenings by the fire indoors.  There is nothing that signals the coming winter months quite like a roaring fire in the fireplace.  Gather friends in that room with a few cocktails and there will be a whole lot of joy filling the air.

One thing that can tamper that joy is if someone were to get burned by tending to the fire resulting in a New Haven personal injury case.   Danger arises when you mix alcohol and someone who may be inexperienced in tending to a fire, even if it is a somewhat controlled fire in a fireplace.

It may happen quickly and without you even knowing it when someone is over, as a guest of yours to your house, and the think they can take care of the fire that you built inside your own fireplace.  After having a few drinks everyone thinks they know just how to keep the fire roaring, but this can lead to dangerous severe burns which might include the following;

  1. When reaching in to add a log to the fire your guest accidentally knocks over one of the already burning logs which falls out of the fireplace and burns him on the leg causing serious third degree burns which might have devastating long-term impacts.
  2. A party guest who has been looking at the fire slowly smoldering may attempt to reach in and move the logs around to get the flame rising again but accidentally get their hand burned by touching the smoldering embers which are still scalding to the touch.
  3. There are a number of different scenarios in which a guest would unexpectedly attempt to tend to the fire where the logs could “get away from them” and burn hands, arms, or legs of your guest.  This could result in a trip to the emergency room.

Having a party at your house in the winter months it can be so tempting to light a beautiful fire in the fireplace to add a little warmth and also ambiance to the evening.  However, if you’re planning on serving alcohol while you have guests over you may run into an issue where your guests, while just trying to help you out, cause themselves a severe burn which could turn out to be a New Haven personal injury case.

When an accident happens, particularly between friends, it can get emotional and difficult to handle, that’s why you may want an attorney to review your case and fight for your long-term interests instead of trying to resolve the situation on your own.  If that is the case, one of our experienced attorneys is standing by to help you navigate this potentially challenging issue.

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