Are New Haven Auto Accidents Caused By Old Headlights?

January 10, 2020
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A major safety concern for motorists and could be a potential cause of New Haven auto accidents is older headlights, according to a new study by AAA. Age and exposure to natural elements causes the plastic on headlight covers to deteriorate and discolor with age. Older headlights (over 11 years of age) have a light output of just 22% compared to their newer counterparts.

Below are some suggestions for making sure your headlights are safe:

  1. Make sure your headlamps are aimed at the right angels to minimize the glare for oncoming traffic.
  2. If headlights are cloudy and discolored, get the covers services. There are do-it-yourself methods as well as replacements that can be made by dealers and other service professionals.
  3. Like tires, brakes, and batteries, make sure you are routinely checking your headlights for discoloration or cloudiness.

Fifty percent of car accidents occur during nighttime hours. If you or a loved one was injured contact the New Haven auto accident attorneys at The LoRicco Law Firm to discuss your options. We have been defending the rights of the injured for nearly 60 years.