Complex Truck Accident Involves Bus And No Fatalities

Earlier this month a tractor trailer truck collided with a CT transit bus and although the crash was quite severe there were only mild injuries and no one was killed.  This is, of course good news, but is also a red flag of warning that this type of accident could have resulted in serious injury or death and when we’re sharing the road with tractor trailers it often results in serious New Haven truck accidents that can leave many injured.

Sharing the roads with tractor trailer trucks is a reality of living in our area as it is a very busy thoroughfare for the transit of goods by these vehicles.  It is important that while you are sharing the road with these vehicles that you keep certain safety measures in mind.  While there are many safety measures that have been mandated by legislation for those that are driving the trucks, these do not necessarily carry over to those driving the two axle vehicles that are often involved in these types of accidents.

It is critical for anyone that is sharing the road with tractor trailer trucks to follow some reasonably simple safety measures to protect themselves and their passengers from the dangers that these vehicles present.  These safety measures should include the following;

1.) Always signal when changing lanes, especially when you are changing lanes in front of a tractor trailer.  It is critical that the driver of the truck sees you and understands that it is your intention to move in front of her/his vehicle.  A turn signal is the most important way you can let a truck driver know your intentions and will allow her/him to leave ample opportunity to slow down.

2.) Leave plenty of space between you and a tractor trailer if you are changing lanes in front of the truck.  It is never safe to change lanes in front of another vehicle without giving enough space, but it can be incredibly dangerous if you cut off a tractor trailer which is not able to brake as smoothly or quickly as a two axle vehicle and therefore it can present a real danger for a tractor trailer to be cut off.

3.) Make sure you can see the driver of the truck in her/his mirror.  If you cannot see the driver in her/his mirror, she/he cannot see you which can present a real danger to you.  Of course, when you’re passing a tractor trailer there will be a moment where you will be in the driver’s blind spot and you should not linger there.  You should pass the vehicle in a manner that will reduce the amount of time you spend in the driver’s blind spot.

There are many things you can do to protect yourself against a New Haven truck accident and stay safe while you’re sharing the road with these vehicles.  It is really incumbent upon drivers of all vehicles to take safety measures that will keep everyone on the road safe.  Sharing the road with these vehicles is a necessity of modern life, but putting yourself in danger is not necessary.

If you do get injured in an accident, you may need to speak with an attorney who can review your situation.  Accidents that occur with trucks can often be complex so it is important that you speak with someone who has experience.  Our attorneys have worked on many similar situations and will bring a breadth of knowledge to the table.






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