Connecticut Auto Accident Deaths Are Skyrocketing

November 11, 2021
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This year Connecticut auto accidents deaths have been on the rise and an alarming new look at the number of deaths on our roads has many experts concerned that this will actually end up being the deadliest year on record on Connecticut’s roads.  Through November 1st, 2021 there have been 283 fatalities due to auto accidents in the state, that puts us on pace to have the most deaths in a single year in our state’s history.

Last year, 2020, was a deadly year on Connecticut’s roads as well, but this year is significantly higher as the state is seeing an increase in auto accident deaths by 16% over this time last year.  Experts warn that if this trend continues the number of deaths will continue to climb, especially with one of the deadliest months for auto accidents coming up in December.  With more and more people out traveling for the holidays and getting together with friends and family, drunk driving will be on the rise as will distracted driving and these two dangerous behaviors behind the wheel will undoubtedly spike the number of deaths in the coming weeks.

One of the biggest factors that both motorists and experts are pointing to is the increased speed that is occurring on Connecticut’s roads.  During the lockdowns at the peak of the pandemic the roads were less crowded and drivers were speeding at rates of 80 to 90 mph and experts are concerned that these speeds have not come down significantly with a much higher volume of traffic now back on the road.  Excessive speed is one of the biggest determining factors in how severe or not an accident is and whether it results in a fatality.

Thus far this year there have been 176 drivers or passengers who have been killed in a motor vehicle accident.  The other deaths have come from pedestrians (51), motorcyclists (54) and bicyclists (2.)

To date, the most significant year for deaths by auto accident was in 2000 when the state saw 317 deaths.  Experts warn that if the trend this year does not slow down we could meet or exceed this deadly number.

As deaths from Connecticut auto accidents rise you may have a reason to seek the advice or consultation of an attorney.  One of our experienced attorneys is standing by to speak with you about your case if you are in need of support.


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