Filing An Insurance Claim After A New Haven Auto Accident

Being in an auto accident can be scary. You hear that crashing crunching sound of one car striking another, and your adrenaline starts pumping. That’s why it’s important to take a few minutes now to understand how to file an insurance claim in the event of a New Haven auto accident

Start by focusing on safety and the facts. Call the police who will come to help make sure that everyone is OK and take care of anyone who is not. The police will also document the incident so that there is a clear record of where, when and how it occurred. 

Then, contact your insurance carrier. Most often, your insurance card will have the phone number right on it. They will gather some information about what happened and who was involved. At this point, they will probably schedule time to take a look at your car to see what type of damage was done. It’s also a good time to ask questions about what your policy covers and your deductible, if you don’t already know. 

Your insurance company will then need some time to investigate. They’ll talk to the other driver’s insurance company and maybe even the other driver. In fact, you may also receive questions from the other driver’s insurance carrier about the incident: Just calmly and accurately answer the questions. 

While the insurance companies work on your settlement, take care of any injuries and provide your company with related documentation. It takes a bit of time, but you’ll eventually get word from your insurance provider about what, if anything, is owed on your side and what type of settlement you can expect. 

Being in an auto accident is always difficult, regardless of its severity. But, knowing what to expect and how to conduct yourself following a car crash can go a long way towards reducing the worry. And, of course, if you’d like to consult with us about Connecticut auto accidents, contact the office to schedule a time. 





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