Half of E-Scooter Injuries Can Be Prevented

May 13, 2019
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Our roadways are crowded. Between cars, trucks, buses, bikes, motorcycles, pedestrians, just to name a few, roadways and sidewalks are a dangerous place. A new mode of transportation, electric scooters, has recently entered this rat race and it has come with some bumps and bruises.

In a new report issued by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), nearly half of all injuries from e-scooters can be prevented. Forty eight percent of those hurt on e-scooters sustained head injuries (with 15% of those head injuries traumatic brain injuries). Other injured areas included arms, face, knees, and hands. Over a third had a broken bone.

Factors to the accidents included:

If you or a loved one plans on riding an e-scooter this summer, make sure you take the proper safety precaution to enjoy your trip.

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