How To Tell If Older Drivers Are At Risk Of A New Haven Auto Accident

January 8, 2021
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If you have someone in your life who is getting up there in age, but is still very much independent, it is important that you maintain a close connection with them to ensure that they are maintaining a safe lifestyle, including being safe behind the wheel.  Often as adults age they take for granted the skills that they once had without realizing that their sharpness to do certain activities has dulled a bit.  Driving is one of these skills that often dulls over time and is difficult to diagnose before it leads to a New Haven auto accident.  This can be especially hard to recognize if you are not driving with your the person each and every day.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) there are some things you can look for when helping to determine whether a driver in your life may not be fit to be behind the wheel any longer.  The things you should be looking for include, but are not limited to;

Having a conversation with a loved one or a friend about your concerns that their driving skills may be diminished can come with some inherent risks.  They may often get offended or not believe you as they haven’t noticed the decline themselves.  It is important to stay vigilant to help this driver avoid any incident of a New Haven auto accident and keep them safe behind the wheel.

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