January Is Bath Safety Month – Here’s How To Avoid A New Haven Slip And Fall Accident

January 4, 2023
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Ask around and you may find that taking a hot bubble bath is one of the best things you can do to reduce your stress and relax.  You may also find out that there are a number of ways that when taking a bath you can find yourself in a situation where you experience a New Haven slip and fall accident.  This type of accident can be dangerous and cause serious, life-threatening injuries that can leave you in a situation that goes from relaxing to dangerous in just a few seconds.  That’s why this month, January, is so important to acknowledge and spread the word about Bath Safety Month.

Bath Safety Month is not one of the biggest and most well known months that are observed throughout the year, but it can be life-saving if you spread the word and the knowledge about the dangers of taking a bath and how serious an injury can be when you are getting into the tub or out of the tub.  There are certain things you should do to make sure you are safe and are taking care of yourself while you’re trying to relax by taking a bath.  If you follow these few items you will be safe and you will avoid both the injury and the embarrassment that often comes from slipping and hurting yourself in the tub.

The steps you should take before, during and after your tub can help keep you injury free and avoid any life-threatening challenges.

Step #1: Keep the floor surrounding the tub free from water.  This can be a challenge, but it is an important step to take to make sure that you do not accidentally slip and fall on the tile floor because it is wet before or after you get in the tub.  To avoid this type of accident you should make sure the floor surrounding the tub is covered with a towel that can absorb the moisture from any water that might splash out of the tub either as it is filling or as you are getting into the tub.

Step #2: Make sure the water is not too hot when you are climbing into the tub.  Take a moment to test the water with your hands to make sure it is not scolding.  If you just attempt to climb into a tub that is full of scalding water your body may react to the shock of the temperature and you may find yourself slipping and falling and hitting your head on the porcelain tub which could lead to serious injury or worse, death.  If you take the extra step to test the water before you climb in, you are much less likely to be in shock when you put your whole body in the tub and you will be able to avoid any dangerous sudden movements.

Step #3: Wait until the tub is fully drained before you attempt to climb out of it.  If you are climbing out of a full tub of water not only do you risk getting the floor around the tub wet, but you also will leave the tub with a very wet body, including your feet and hands which can lead to a dangerous situation where you may not be able to grip on something if you are falling and therefore you may get injured due to your inability to reach out for a handle to avoid a fall.  If you wait for the entire tub to drain you will then be able to easily dry your hands and your feet off which will allow you to exit the tub without much issue.

It may not be everyday that you get the opportunity to get into the tub for a relaxing spell away from the day to day of your life, but when you do you will want to be able to be safe and avoid a New Haven slip and fall accident so you do not injure yourself or worse, hit your head to the point where you are knocked unconscious.  Taking the steps above will help you avoid injury and stay safe and relaxed the whole time you are in the tub.

It is National Bath Safety Month so please feel free to spread the word to help keep you and your friends safe from injury.  If you do get injured in the bath you may need to speak with an attorney.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long term interests.