New Haven Auto Accidents: Merge Accidents & Why They Happen

Merging onto the many highways can be a challenge especially since many driver are not safe when doing so. Rush hour, traffic congestion, and lane closures often spark impatience, and motorists can make errors of judgment that cause merging accidents. As New Haven auto accident attorneys, we see this often.

Collisions often happen when a motorist:

  • Merges too slowly or quickly from an entrance ramp onto the highway
  • Suddenly changes lanes without signaling
  • Cuts off vehicles while merging
  • Recklessly crosses multiple lanes of traffic
  • Drifts lanes or over the center line

If you or a loved one was in a merging accident the skilled and experienced New Haven auto accident at The LoRicco Law Firm can assist you through the claims process. Contact our firm immediately to set up a free consultation.





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