New Haven Auto Accidents: Texting Leading Cause Of Teen Death Nationwide

According to a study nearly 3,000 teens die each year from traffic crashes from texting and 300,000 are injured from texting. Distracted driving, not drunk driving, is now the the leading cause of death for teen drivers. It is estimated that 2,700 die each year from alcohol-related auto accidents.

The NHTSA acknowledged that the use of handheld technology is a growing hazard. Forty-nine percent of boys admit to texting while driving and 45% of girls admit to the same. Distracted driving can impair a driver’s focus as much as being under the influence of alcohol.

Teen drivers are inexperienced with driving and have a higher incidence of being distracted. We all need a reminder every so often to put down the phone or not eat while driving, because the safety of all those on the road is important. Two-thirds of adults in the same study ages 30-64 admitted to using a mobile phone in the car with children, and a third admitted to texting while driving.

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