Tire Pressure & New Haven Auto Accidents

June 14, 2019
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Maintaining proper tire pressure helps prevent a New Haven auto accident year round.

In the heat of the summer tire pressure can rise, on average one pound per-square inch (PSI) for every increase in temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  That means that if your tires were properly inflated for the winter, you’re still going to want to check them before heading out for any long trips this summer.

Why is tire pressure so important to your safety?

If you leave the house on a cool summer morning and your tires are already over inflated, by the time you head out in the evening, after your car has been sitting in the hot summer sun, your tires will be over inflated to new heights. Over inflated tires leave you more susceptible to tire blowouts which in turn can lead to New Haven auto accidents.

Blowouts are not the only danger when over inflating your tires, however. Over inflated tires can lead to premature wearing on your tires which is a primary cause of poor handling and uneasy breaking.

When is the best time to check tire pressure?

The manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure is meant to match the measurement of a car that has been sitting still for hours, therefore the best time to check your tire pressure is first thing in the morning before you drive the car anywhere.  Remember that friction causes heat which leads to higher PSI measurements as well which can end up being deceiving if you’ve been driving for an extended period of time before checking the tire pressure.

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