New Haven Personal Injury: Avoiding Dog Bites at Thanksgiving

November 25, 2019
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Dog bites can happen more often over the colder months. During these months, we keep our celebrations indoors; and that typically includes the dog, too. As we stress over preparations, so do our dogs.

In the state of Connecticut, the dog bite law is strict liability. This means that when the dog you care for harms another, you are responsible for the injuries. There are very few exceptions.

Dogs show their stress in their behavior by licking their lips, pulled back ears, whites of the eyes showing. growling/barking, turning their head/body away, stiff body and resisting following their owner’s commands.

As people are indoors celebrating, our dogs might be getting stressed out. Here are a few ways to keep everyone safe.

  1. Keep children supervised. Children love dogs, but dogs don’t always love them back, mostly because of their unpredictable movements.
  2. Stick to their diet. Avoid feeding Fido anything other than his normal diet. When dogs eat foods outside of their routine diet, it can cause them not to feel well and become irritable.
  3. Turn down the volume. Extra noise in their home can cause dogs to stress and become less tolerant.
  4. Eyes open. Children are not the only ones who do not understand that a dog needs space. Adults often miss a dog’s signals and don’t realize the dog needs time alone.

Keep Fido stress-free to help prevent dog bites. The New Haven personal injury lawyers at The LoRicco Law Firm wish you and your family a happy and healthy celebrations.