Prevent New Haven Auto Accidents In Work Zones

April 9, 2019
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This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week. Now that spring is here, construction season is in full swing. More and more road construction projects will be popping up in New Haven as well as the Shoreline area and it is important to obey traffic laws to keep not only yourself safe, but the construction workers along the side of the road.

While construction projects are welcomed because it means our roadways are being maintained, it also can cause uneasy feelings among New Haven motorists. New Haven auto accidents can occur because of:

  1. Motorists not following posted speed signs
  2. Narrowing lanes
  3. Machinery/equipment in areas it should not be
  4. Incorrect placement of barricades
  5. Construction debris in the travel area

If you or your loved one was in an accident, consult with a New Haven auto accident attorney.  Our experienced attorneys are used to dealing with big insurance and will fight for your case. Contact our firm to schedule your free consultation.