Stay Cool While Riding To Avoid A New Haven Motorcycle Accident

July 28, 2022
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It’s been one hot summer so far here in the Elm City and in the coming weeks the heat may get even worse, but we never want the hot weather to deter you from riding your motorcycle.  However, hot and steamy weather can have an impact on your safety and lead to a New Haven motorcycle accident if you’re not careful.  Buzzing around the streets of the city can be so much fun, but if you’re overheated and having trouble focusing due to your temperature you may find yourself in danger of injuring yourself, your passenger, or someone else along the road, so you need to be careful.

While it is critically important to your safety when riding a motorcycle to wear the proper clothing, some of the right articles of clothing can be extremely hot and bothersome when riding, but nonetheless they should be worn.  A helmet is one of the items of equipment that you should wear at all times to keep yourself safe and while it is not mandated by law in the state of Connecticut, it is highly recommended to keep you safe while riding.  Long pants and sleeves should also be worn at all times.  If you do get into an accident and hit the hot pavement with exposed skin you could get yourself seriously hurt.

Wearing this type of clothing and protective gear is not particularly conducive to keeping you cool in the summer time, so you need to rely on some of the following tips to stay cool while riding safely this summer.

1.) Keep hydrated.  While staying hydrated is important in all that you do during the summer months it can be something that motorcycle riders often forget about.  If you don’t drink enough hydrating fluids you can become dehydrated which may lead to dizziness, blurred vision, and more harmful physical symptoms that can be dangerous for anyone riding a motorcycle.

2.) It can be important to wear the proper clothing to protect your skin, but below that clothing there is a layer of clothes that can help keep your body cool.  Wearing wicking base layers will keep your skin dry and cool while the outside world is scorching hot.  A good base layer will help you stay out of the intense heat zone that you may otherwise experience.

3.) Do not ride during the hottest parts of the day.  If you ride in the early morning hours of the summer or the later evening hours when the sun is not at its peak you will be able to enjoy the beautiful summer riding conditions without the incredibly intense summer heat of the sun.  Plus, you might catch a killer sunrise or sunset along the way.

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle for a while, you know that staying safe can require great attention to detail.  The details that will keep you from getting into a New Haven motorcycle accident include both what you put in your body, what you put on your body, and how you approach your ride mentally.  If you take these steps you will be able to remain cool, calm, and collected as you enjoy all that summer has to offer motorcycle riders in our area.

Accidents do happen and if one happens to you, you may wish to seek legal help.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.