Teach Your Kids To Safely Exit Your Driveway To Prevent A New Haven Bike Accident

New Haven bike accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. One second a cyclist is zipping along, peddling with all his effort and keeping his eye on the surroundings. The next moment a car zooms down the driveway and backs right into him causing him to fly over the handlebars and land with a thud . . . and likely some serious injuries. The bike has gone flying; the cyclist lies in a crumpled state; and the driver is completely shaken – and possibly in legal trouble.

No one wants to be caught in a bike accident, but being unaware of how to properly exit the driveway can cause one to happen. That’s why it is critical for adults to teach new drivers how to safely exit the driveway when behind the wheel. Teens need to learn to:

  1. Glance before entering the vehicle. Have a look around to see what’s happening on the street before you even step foot in the car.
  2. Put away distractions. Set down their cell phones and tune the radio before the vehicle begins moving.
  3. Roll down the window. To get the best view when backing up, roll down the window and look towards the street.
  4. Stop at the end of the drive. Even if you’re using a backup camera and you feel confident that the street is clear, stop at the end of the driveway and double check. Never continue rolling without a second look.
  5. Make eye contact. If you see a cyclist come to stop or walkers halt, make eye contact with them to let them know you intend to continue moving.
  6. Go slow! Never ever whip out of the driveway. Always move the car slowly while constantly scanning the area with your eyes. 

Properly learning how to exit the driveway is one skill new drivers must learn. It’s easy to assume kids know these common sense measures on their own, but they don’t always. Adult drivers must walk them through the safety measures many times to help avoid Connecticut bicycle accidents.





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