Three Safety Checks You Should Perform To Prevent A New Haven Auto Accident

September 28, 2021
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Before you head out on a road trip or any long drive this fall it is important that you do some safety checks on your vehicle.  It was a long summer for your car and there are some things that could have gotten a little off while you’ve been driving around.  Taking the time to make sure to do these safety checks can be one way to help prevent yourself from getting into a New Haven auto accident.

The good news about these safety checks is that they are quick and easy to perform yourself.  There is no need to take your care into a mechanic and have these checked out.  Also, if you run these checks and your vehicle does need service there is a very small chance that any of these areas will lead to significant investment.

Check #1: Your tires.  In the summer months your tires can appear overinflated, but as the temperatures cool the air in your tires contract and you may find that your tires are under-inflated in the cooler weather.  Under-inflated tires are one of the deadliest things you can have which may lead to a car crash.  While you’re checking the tire pressure you will also want to check the treads on your tires as well.  If they are worn or unevenly worn you should have them looked at to insure that you have good tire tread for the impending winter weather.

Check #2: Your windshield wipers.  Testing out your windshield wipers to make sure that they work can help improve your visibility when you find yourself in an autumn rain storm or an early winter hail or sleet storm.  Having windshield wipers that do not function properly or do not perform the task of clearing your windshield well could limit your visibility and risk you getting into a serious accident.  Changing the blades on your windshield wipers is something that is relatively easy to do and shouldn’t cost you too much.

Check #3: Your lights.  A check of all your lights is in order as you get into the season where the days are shorter and the nights are longer.  You will likely be doing more driving in the dusk or dark of the day then you will be in the light of day, so making sure your lights are working properly is essential to your safety.  When we talk about lights we are talking about your headlights and taillights, brake lights, and blinkers.  If all are working as expected you are good to go.  If any of them have burned out or are not working you should get them looked at immediately so you can make sure your vehicle is prepared for autumn and winter driving.

Safety checks can be tedious, but taking a few short minutes to review some of these items could mean the difference between staying safe on the roads this fall or getting into a New Haven auto accident.  Not only is it good for your physical state to do these safety checks, but also your mental state will be helped as well because you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything you can to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

If you do all of these safety checks and still find yourself injured in an accident you may need an attorney to review your case.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will help protect your long-term interests.