Three Tips To Avoiding A New Haven Bicycle Accident In The Winter

January 12, 2022
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The roads are slushy and icy.  The snow is falling.  We spend a lot of time talking about how to prevent New Haven auto accidents during the winter months, but what about if you are a cyclist, the roads can be dangerous for you too.  We wanted to take a minute to go over some steps you can take if you are a cyclist to prevent a New Haven bicycle accident.

Riding a bike in the winter is not for the faint of heart.  Of course the cold weather and poor visibility make it a sport that is often left to the experienced rider among us.  It can be very good for you from an exercise standpoint and it is also a reliable way to get to work if you live and work in the city.  In many cases, riding a bike is the preferred method of transportation for many in the Elm City.  So, how do you stay safe when riding your bike in the winter months?

  1. Wear reflective clothing.  While this is particularly helpful at night, it is also important to do during the day.  Reflective clothing can make seeing and interacting with a cyclist easier for drivers even in low visibility settings.  At a minimum it alerts the drivers that there is something that they need to avoid along the road and at it’s best reflective clothing will allow you to remain visible in all conditions.
  2. Install lights on your bike.  Turn signals, brake lights, and headlights are all pieces of equipment that you can add to your bike that will make riding around the city safer and keep you visible even in difficult conditions.  Even if you cannot add all of these pieces of equipment to your bike at once, adding just one will improve your visibility.  The more visible you are the less dangerous it is to be riding your bike through the city streets.
  3. Change your tires.  Just like a car, bikes can have snow tires and street tires.  Snow tires, even on a racing bike, can give a cyclist better grip on the road and can in turn keep them safe in slushy or snowy conditions.

We highly recommend that if you are planning on riding your bike in the winter that you do some practice riding on side streets which are not as busy and can provide an opportunity for you to get comfortable riding your bike in icy and snowy conditions without the concern of being hit by an on-coming vehicle.  Practicing on streets that are snowy and icy before you head out for your daily commute or bike ride for exercise is a great way to prepare so you do not get into a New Haven bicycle accident.

If you do go out on the road and find yourself in a situation where you’ve been injured and may need an attorney to review your case, our office can help.  Contact our experienced attorneys who can review your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.


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