Tips to Avoid a Springtime New Haven Auto Accident

new haven auto accident attorney spring weather

New Haven auto accidents during every season. Each one brings its own weather challenges than can affect our roadways. Below are a few tips to keep yourself safe and avoid a New Haven auto accident.

  1. Hailstorms can pop up in the springtime and can be stressful in driving situations. If a hailstorm begins while you are behind the wheel, pull off the road when it is safe and under a shelter to to protect your car’s body and glass.
  2. Rain makes roadways wet which can make them slippery. When it is appropriate, lower your speed. It is also important to make sure the rain can be wiped from your windshield. Replace wiper blades as necessary.
  3. Pedestrians and cyclists will be out and about on the roadways. They have every right to be there and must follow the same rules as motorists.
  4. Springtime means wild animals will be out and about. Keep an eye out for these animals especially in the morning or evenings when they are most active. Also take caution when you pass animal crossing signage.

If your or your loved one was injured a New Haven auto accident attorney may be able to help you. Contact our office immediately to schedule your free consultation.





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