Visiting For The Holidays? Guard Against A New Haven Dog Bite

November 7, 2022
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There is no greater joy than visiting friends or family for the holidays.  This is a time to reconnect with relatives or friends whom you haven’t seen in many years.  There is great food, plenty of drinks and lots of wonderful conversation.  There is one challenging thing though, that is the dog of the house.  If you’re visiting someone who has a dog you need to make sure you are protecting yourself against a New Haven dog bite that could happen in a matter of seconds.

When you’re celebrating the holidays there are few things that can end the joy faster then an injury and one at the hands of the family dog can be devastating both to you and to the dog’s family who will have to grapple with what to do with their dog who has caused this grief.  Spending time understanding a little about the psychology of dogs and how to make sure to enjoy visiting with the dog without making she/he aggressive will help you to enjoy your holiday, complete with a visit with the dogs as well.

Dogs are not complicated animals and therefore these few things you can do will likely keep you safe as you are visiting.

1.) Never approach the dog from behind.  This is a key piece to staying safe.  It is important to not startle a dog that you are approaching and coming up from behind the animal to pet her/him will certainly startle the pet and put him/her in a difficult situation.

2.) If you approach a dog and he pulls back, respect that he may not want to be approached at that time.  If a dog approaches you, then by all means, but if you approach a dog and he backs off, stand clear of the situation.

3.) If a dog is growling or barking this is a sure sign that he doesn’t not want to engage with you at that time.  Take the note and move on.  Dogs can often be protective of their homes or their owners and this could mean that they think you are a threat and therefore it is important for you to stand down.

4.) Do not tease a dog.  A little good fun can be ok, as long as the dog appears to be sharing in the fun.  If the dog is growling and grumbling while you’re rubbing his belly or wrestling with him it may be time to stop.

One of the most important things you can do to avoid a New Haven dog bite is to learn how to read a dog’s body language and verbal cues.  If a dog is acting aggressive or timid it may be just the sign that you need to leave him alone and allow him the space he needs to feel comfortable.  A dog that is not comfortable is a dog that is in a situation where he may cause harm.  Do your best not to put a dog in that position.

If you’re in a situation where you have been bitten by a dog, whether at a holiday gathering or not, you may need to speak with an attorney about your injury.  Our experienced attorneys have seen many different situations and may be able to help you with your situation.  Contact our office and speak with one of our attorneys and they will work with you to protect your long-term interests.