1 In 25 Drivers Admit To Having Done THIS While Driving

August 17, 2021
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According the United States Centers for Disease Control one out of every 25 drivers have admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel.  When you think about this staggering number and what it could mean for your chances of getting into a New Haven auto accident it is no wonder that drowsy driving is an important area of focus for safety experts.

Many groups have studied the affects of driving while drowsy and have reported out some findings about how often it happens and on what type of trip it typically happens.

One of the foremost organizations on driver safety, AAA, reports that over a quarter of all drivers (27%) have reported that they have been driving when they were so tired that they could barely keep their eyes open.   With 1 in 4 drivers admitting that they are essentially driving when they are so tired that they likely wouldn’t do any other activity safety is a major concern.

Another government agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported out that just under half of drivers who had reported that they had fallen asleep behind the wheel had done so on trips that lasted less then an hour.  This length of time could be during activities as innocuous as being on a commute home from work, heading out to get groceries, or after a night of dinner with friends.

Drowsy driving is deadly.  It can not only lead to poor driving it can also lead to a fatal New Haven auto accident that could leave a family devastated.  If you are getting behind the wheel of a car, make sure you have gotten enough sleep and are able to fully operate that vehicle.  If you cannot, stop, take a nap, and get yourself the rest you need before taking your own life or someone else’s life into your hands.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a drowsy driver, you may need an attorney to review your case and fight for your long-term interests.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you further.