3 Accessories To Help You Avoid A New Haven Bicycle Accident

March 1, 2022
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Before you head out on to the street for a bike ride this spring there are some things you will want to do to keep yourself safe.  The first, and arguably most important, is to give your bike a tune-up.  In all likelihood your bike has been sitting for a few months since the last time you rode it and there is a good chance that there are some issues with it.  The brakes might be stiff, the tires might be soft, the seat may have shifted position, and a number of other things may have gone wrong.  Not handling these things before you head out for a ride may put you at danger of getting into a New Haven bicycle accident.

After you’ve performed a tune-up on your bike you may also want to add a few things to your bike preparation that will keep you safe while you’re riding on the streets of the city.  Taking care to add a few accessories to your riding repertoire will not only have you looking more and more like a professional rider, but it will also give you more tools in your tool belt to always have a great ride.

  1. A bell.  It might seem a little dorky to put a bell on your handlebars, but it won’t seem dorky when you arrive at your destination safely.  When you are driving in your car you have a horn that can help you make noise in the event that you need to alert someone you are coming towards them, the same should be true for your bike.  A simple bell can cost $4-$10 and is an easy installation on your bike.  You may never use it, but it can come in handy if you get yourself into a precarious situation.
  2. A tire patch kit.  Have you ever been riding along and have your tire blow out all of a sudden on you?  If you haven’t, this day is coming because it comes for all cyclists.  If that happens and you’ve planned ahead you can patch up your tire and be on your way.  Otherwise you may need to ride on a flat tire (which is dangerous and not good for your rims) or walk your bike to the nearest destination where you can change the tire.  Walking a bike along busy streets is one of the most dangerous things you can to.
  3. Reflective tape for your clothing.  You may not want to go so far as to get an orange vest for your ride, but adding some reflective tape to your clothing can be helpful, especially if you’re planning on ride at dusk/dawn or in the evening when it is dark out.  Reflective tape can help on-coming traffic see you more clearly and avoid you if they are going to come in contact with you.

There are very few things you can do that feel more special then the first ride on your bike in the springtime when the weather is just warm enough to get out there and race through the streets of the city.  Taking a few precautions before you leave can help you avoid a New Haven bicycle accident and live to ride another day.  You can grab all of the above accessories for under $50 combine and it will be the best investment in your safety you’ve made since you started riding a bike.

If you do end up getting injured while riding a bike, make sure you speak with an experienced attorney who can review your case.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys will speak with you and work with you to make sure your long-term interests are met.