3 Fall Hazards That Could Lead To A New Haven Bicycle Accident

August 24, 2022
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It may not quite feel like the fall yet, but cooler weather and changing leaves are coming and that means it’s a perfect time to get out and ride your bicycle.  Die hards will pedal through the scorching heat of the summer months, but those casual riders who bring their bikes out when the weather cools down a bit are in for a real treat as summer turns to fall.

There is only one downside to fall and that is that there are some hazards that arise that could lead to a New Haven bicycle accident when the weather starts to turn.  There are some hazards that are weather related and some that are equipment related, but all of them present dangers that could get your injured or worse, so you need to be on the lookout for them all.

Keeping an eye out for these hazards is especially important if you are hopping on to your bike for the first time this season, because if you don’t have an eye out for them they will jump up and get you out of nowhere.  So, keep these hazards in mind before you get on your bike and while you’re riding to make sure that you get to ride and have fun, without the headache of a crash or an injury.

1.) Fallen leaves.  Sure they are beautiful to watch colorful leaves fall all around you, but leaves can be slippery for bike tires and if they are spread out across the road or trail that you are riding on they can have an impact on your ride that could lead to an injury.  The best thing to do if you are presented with fallen or falling leaves while you’re riding is to stay steady and don’t use your brakes if you can avoid it.  If you hit your brakes you may be more likely to slide.

2.) Loose clothing.  Summer riders are generally wearing shorts, but when the cooler weather hits you may be riding with long pants on and if they are baggy in anyway they may get caught in your chain.  When your chain gets clothing stuck in it it can present a hazard that could lead you to an accident.  When your chain gets caught up your bike will stop moving which can lead to a sudden stop.

3.) Wet brakes.  Your bike equipment can cause you to get into an accident and one piece of equipment that is often the culprit is your brakes.  If your brakes are wet and slippery they will not stop as well and you could find yourself in a situation where you can’t stop.  Before you hop on your bike for a ride make sure to test your brakes to insure that they are working as expected.

The fall is the perfect time to head out for a ride around the Elm City.  There is something wonderful about our city with the changing leaves.  Taking some simple safety precautions to avoid a New Haven bicycle accident will allow you to have fun without any unexpected accidents or injuries.

Unfortunately we see a lot of bicycle accidents in the fall and if you are injured we can help.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your case and work on protecting your long-term interests.