3 Reasons Animal Activity Is Greater In The Spring

April 22, 2024
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Whether you’re out driving at night or at sunrise or really any other time during the day in the spring you may find that you’re seeing a tremendous amount of animal activity throughout the city and surrounding communities. The truth is that animal activity in the spring can skyrocket and that can become a danger for you as you’re driving and come in contact with animals who may put you in a situation that could cause a New Haven auto accident and leave you and/or the animal injured.

When you’re driving through a city your first thought is probably not to be on the lookout for animal activity. While you’re probably right that that’s not the first hazard you should be concerned about, once you get out of the downtown area and into more residential neighborhoods where animals tend to congregate you should be aware of the hazards that they present. Animal activity can often be erratic and cause uncertain and unexpected situations when you encounter it so you need to be alert as this type of activity increases in the spring.

There are three main reasons why animal activity increases in the spring.

1.) Many animals have concluded their hibernation season in the spring. When that is the case they are more active and in some cases less aware of their surroundings as they get accustomed to where they are in the world. These animals will also be hungry and be on the hunt for food which could bring them to places and across roads that you may not normally find animals. Generally speaking when the spring weather arrives, these hibernating animals will be awake and moving significantly more which may put them in your path more frequently. You should be on the lookout for this type of activity and proceed accordingly.

2.) Another reason animals may be moving around and in places you ordinarily wouldn’t find them in the spring is that for many animals spring is mating season. Mating season often makes animals more likely to take risks and leaves them preoccupied by finding a mate, rather than worrying about their own safety. When animals are following their instincts to find a mate, they may not be using the most sensible decisions which could put them in a dangerous situation. If you are not aware of this behavior, you too may be put in a dangerous situation.

3.) Animals, specifically deer, give birth in the spring and therefore there are a significantly higher number of baby deer (fawns) roaming around the area. These babies, like most babies, are curious and less aware of the dangers that the world has in store for them. Fawns may not be aware of their surroundings as well as they should be and therefore may be found roaming around on streets that can become congested and dangerous for these animals.

Animals are all around us, even if you don’t realize they are. Just wake up at four in the morning and quietly head outside, you’ll be surprised at what you might encounter. The fact that animal activity increases in the spring is not, by itself, a dangerous thing for you as you drive through the streets of the city, but if you are not alert and aware that this activity has increased you may be putting yourself at risk. In order to avoid the dangers of encountering an animal and getting into a New Haven auto accident as the result of your interaction you should make sure you are keeping your speed to a reasonable level, always using your headlights (especially at night) and slowing down around sharp turns where you may encounter an animal unexpectedly. If you follow these safety steps while driving you should be able to avoid any dangerous encounters with an animal and keep yourself and the animal safe.

Accidents do happen and this time of year animal activity is much more frequent. If you get injured as the result of an accident that involves an animal you may need to speak with an attorney who has experience with this type of situation. These incidents can become quite complicated and you may need someone who has an understanding of the ins and outs of a situation like this. Contact our office and speak with one of our attorneys so we can learn more about your situation and work to protect your long-term interests.