3 Signs You May Have Had Too Much Alcohol To Drive

March 2, 2021
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There is never a good reason to drive drunk.  Driving drunk is one of the most prevalent ways to get into a New Haven auto accident.  With the options of designating a driver or using a ride share service like Uber there are options to staying safe if you have to return home from a night of drinking.  The best and safest way to get home from a night at the bar or spending time with friends is to not get behind the wheel after having any alcohol at all.

If you are out drinking and you are unsure of whether or not you have had too much to drink always avoid driving.  The signs you need to look for that you are too impaired may be the following;

These are signs that you absolutely should not get behind the wheel of a car or you will risk getting into a New Haven auto accident.

While you’re out with friends these are also signs you should be looking for in friends.  While it may be hard to police the alcohol consumption of your friends it may be necessary to keep them safe.  If you sense some of these signs in your friends you will want to pull him/her aside and suggest that they not drive.  If you are very concerned it is worth taking the keys away from them so they do not get behind the wheel.  This may be hard, but it may also be deadly if you don’t say anything.

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