3 Things To Do Before Getting Behind The Wheel During A Snowstorm

December 10, 2021
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We’ve only just now begun to see a few light flurries here in the Elm City, but pretty soon the snow will be flying AND sticking to the roads and that can mean more New Haven auto accidents, but it doesn’t have to.  In fact, if you take some safety precautions before you even start out on the road you can put yourself in a position to stay safe when you’re driving to your destination.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself safe when driving in the snow like driving slow and approaching snowbanks at intersections with caution, but before you even start your wheels moving forward there are a number of things you can do to make your ride safe and help you get to where you’re going without any issues.  Take these steps and you’ll get to your location without an issue;

  1. Clear off your windshield entirely of snow and ice.  When it is cold and snowy out it can be tempting to give your windshield a quick brush off and then get into your car and go, but it is not safe to be peering through a half cleared off window while driving down the road.  If your windshield is not cleared off thoroughly you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.
  2. Don’t forget to clean off any cameras that may be assisting you in your driving.  Newer cars have backup cameras, side view cameras, and even 360 degree cameras.  Whether you know it or not you come to rely on those camera to give you a complete picture of the world around your car.  If they are covered in snow and ice you will not have a full view and you may wind up in an accident.
  3. Similarly your car may have sensors around the exterior to help with technology like emergency braking systems and lane assist technology, if these sensors are part of how you stay safe when there is no ice or snow on the roads, you will want to clear them off if there is snow or ice or you might not feel as safe behind the wheel.

These steps can be taken before you even turn the key in your ignition.  If you work to make sure your car is completely clear of snow and ice BEFORE you hit the road you will be much more likely to be able to avoid a New Haven auto accident.  One other reason to remove all the snow and ice before heading out is that you can be cited for having snow or ice on the roof of your car, especially as it flies off and impedes other drivers.

The winter months can be challenging to drive safely during, but if you take the time to take precautions you will arrive at your destination safely.  If you do happen to get injured you may need an attorney to review your case.  Contact our office to work with one of our experienced attorneys who can help you protect your long-term interests.