3 Tips For Safe Driving During National Traffic Awareness Month

August 1, 2023
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Today kicks of National Traffic Awareness Month and so we’re working on providing you the best information you can have to avoid a New Haven auto accident, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. We know there are pockets of the city and certainly our highways that can get quite congested and if you’re not careful you might find yourself stuck in traffic and in danger of getting into an accident. It is important that you take the time to understand that even though traffic is moving slowly (usually) there are some dangers that come with this traffic that could cause injury or even death.

The tips we’re going to share can apply to you whether you’re stuck in traffic on the streets of the Elm City or if you are stuck in traffic on I95 or I91 headed out of the city for an engagement. Traffic can pop-up anywhere and sometimes it can be unexpected so it is important that you know these tips like the back of your hand so you can be ready in the event that you do run into traffic unexpectedly.

One thing to remember before we get into these tips is that accidents can happen at any speed and they can be just as dangerous at low speeds as they can be at high speeds. The vast majority of the vehicles on the road are extremely heavy and can cause significant damage to your property or your body if you become entangled with them, regardless of the speed at which you are traveling. Yes it is true that excessive speed can often be more likely to lead to a death from an accident, but speed isn’t always the only factor in injuries resulting from accidents.

1.) Maintain an even speed with the traffic flow. Piggybacking off of what was just said about speed and how even low speed incidents can lead to injuries, it is important that when you are in traffic you are driving at the speed at which the rest of the vehicles on the road are traveling. This is important because if you are going too slow and a vehicle comes up from behind you going faster then you, you may be the cause of a rear-end incident. If you are moving too fast, you may need to apply your brakes heavily which can lead to becoming out of control and possibly spinning into others who you are sharing the road with.

2.) Always use your turn signal. This is a good practice to get into whether you’re in traffic or not and it is illegal to change lanes without signaling, but this is especially important when you are traveling in traffic. When you’re in traffic you are generally among a large group of vehicles that are traveling quite closely together. If this is the case it can be challenging to judge the distance between vehicles and also to become aware of a vehicle that is changing lanes. It is for this reason that your turn signal becomes your best friend in keeping you safe while driving in traffic.

3.) Don’t be afraid to make noise. Just like your turn signal, your horn can be a very helpful tool to make yourself known to the cars around you. While you do not want to use your horn for no reason, you should always have a purpose for it, but if there is a need like a vehicle appears to be changing lanes and doesn’t see you or you are coming up on a vehicle that is stopping short, you may need to use your horn to “announce” yourself. Use your horn sparingly so you don’t add to the noise pollution that already comes with traffic, but if it is needed, it is there for a reason so you should use it.

Traffic can be a stressful situation and one that very few people find enjoyable. It can be easy to get distracted and become disengaged with the driving process. You will want to avoid this at all cost because it is one of the most common ways that a New Haven auto accident may occur when you’re driving in traffic. If you can stay alert and use the tips above you will be well on your way to driving safe and avoiding an accident while you’re in traffic.

If an injury were to occur you may need to seek the support and consultation of an attorney. Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to understand what your needs are and protect your long-term interests.