3 Ways Black Ice Can Be A Sneaky Culprit In Causing A New Haven Slip and Fall Injury

This time of year can be a particularly treacherous time to be out and about on city sidewalks and streets.  You may think that the dead of winter would be far more treacherous when snow has fallen and it can be difficult to find a cleared sidewalk, but there is something else going on here.  In the dead of winter you can see snow and ice on the ground and avoid it.  Sure the sidewalks and streets can be slippery, but knowing and seeing are half the battle.

On the other hand, in late fall and early winter, temperatures are not so steady and we are often tricked into thinking that there is no danger of a New Haven slip and fall injury.  Truth be told that black ice can happen to you when you least expect it and injuries can occur and can often be serious, even life threatening.

Black ice can be a sneaky culprit and can cause you serious harm.  Here are some ways you may not be expecting to find an issue, when all of a sudden you do;

  • Warm weather – this time of year temperatures fluctuate quite often.  In the morning you might check the forecast and hear that the temperatures will be in the high 40s or low 50s, no danger from black ice right?  Not exactly.  Low temperatures overnight can be just low enough to cause a thin layer of black ice where you least expect it and it may not have melted by the time you head out in the morning.
  • Is it really black ice?  Despite it’s name, black ice is really a very thin transparent layer.  When you come across it, it will actually be the color of the surface that it is sitting on, therefore it can be very difficult to spot.
  • Unexpected weather conditions can cause black ice.  Did you know that dew can cause black ice?  It’s true.  You may not think about it, but the dew of a chilly autumn or early winter morning can cause a real danger on your walkway and you could find yourself injured from black ice.

The dangers from black ice should not be understated.  This type of treacherous condition has certainly led to many New Haven slip and fall injuries.  The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of the weather and pay attention to every step on days where the conditions may be just right to cause you havoc when walking through the city.

If you’ve experienced an injury or your loved one has, contact our office immediately and we will review the details of your case.



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