4 Summer Activities That Can Result In Personal Injury Claims

June 3, 2019
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We almost at the start of summer and Connecticut residents are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. When you make your plans, remember to be careful as many popular activities can be dangerous. If you are injured in one of the following summertime activities, be sure to consult with an experienced New Haven personal injury lawyer to see if you might be able to secure compensation for your injuries.


For cyclists, the greatest danger lies in road biking involving a vehicle crash. Unlike car passengers who have all kinds of safety features to protect them, bicyclists have only their helmets. However, even when biking on car-free bike paths, there is a possibility for injury if the path is not well maintained. 


For the dedicated motorcycle enthusiast, there are few things more satisfying than taking that bike out for a long, leisurely ride on a summer’s day or night. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are as vulnerable to severe injury in the event of a traffic accident as bicyclists. Like cyclists, motorcyclists are not protected from an impact by their vehicle, but because they can travel at much higher speeds, they may suffer even worse injuries.


Boating accidents injure thousands of individuals every summer and also cause large amounts of property damage. If you have been injured by a bad boat driver, you can certainly explore the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit with help from an experienced attorney.

Swimming Pools

Both home swimming pools and public pools present dangers that could result in serious injury. A slippery pool deck could cause a slip and fall accident resulting in head injury, back injury, or fractures. There might also be a risk of children suffering drownings or brain-damaging near-drownings, especially if the pool is not surrounded by proper fencing.

If you or your loved one was injured in any of these summer activities and believe someone else was at fault, contact our office. Our team of experienced New Haven personal injury lawyers will work to protect your long term interests.