5 Times You Should Visit a New Haven Emergency Room

September 16, 2019
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Whether you were in a New Haven auto accident or experienced a New Haven personal injury lawyer, there instances when you should seek care at an emergency room. It is extremely important to be seen in the emergency room if you or anyone you are with experiences the following:

  1. Dull ache in the chest with a shortness of breath. There is a possibility of a heart attack. Do not brush off these symptoms. Make sure you err on the side of caution and call 911 and get seen immediately. Heart attack symptoms in women can present differently .
  2. Extreme abdominal pain.  If pain comes on strong and gets worse, be seen immediately.
  3. You were hit in the head. It could be a concussion or worse. Do not take head injuries lightly. It is better to get checked out.
  4. You cut yourself and cannot stop the bleeding. Apply pressure to the cut for 10 straight minutes. If it does not stop bleeding, head to the local emergency room. If your wound has jagged edges or you cannot get it clean, you should also get medical help.
  5. You have an awful headache. It could be something very serious like a rupture or blockage. If your headache comes with vomiting and dizziness, go to the ER.

Medical bills and the run-around you will likely get from the insurance company can be daunting. Contact our firm of experienced New Haven personal injury lawyers. We know their tricks – we defended them for 15 years. We will work to protect your long term interests.