7 Places To Be Aware Of To Avoid A New Haven Slip And Fall Accident This Winter

November 30, 2022
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There is a chill in the air and while there is no fluffy white stuff on the ground just yet, it is coming.  This time of year, as much as we have to concern ourselves with snow on the ground, there is even a bigger concern and that is the ice that is forming and in some cases invisible to the naked eye.  Ice can be a real factor in a New Haven slip and fall accident if you’re not careful when you’re walking in various places through the city.

Not only are there weather factors to be concerned about this time of year, but there are also places that you might find yourself that are unfamiliar to you as you go out and explore the city during the winter months.  You may not be accustomed to visiting certain locations and a new spot may lead to an accident that could have been avoided if you familiarized yourself with it before heading there.  So it is critically important that you understand the various locations around the city that may present a risk to you getting injured.

It is also important to note that the list that follows is not a comprehensive list and it should not be treated as such.  There are many places that can present slipping hazards and you should always be cautious about where you step and what is on your feet to walk around the city.  This is a list to get you started thinking about the dangers that lie in seemingly non-dangerous locations.

1.) Icy stairs on your neighbor’s stoop.  Whether they are next door or right down the street your neighbor’s stoop can present a problem if there is ice on them.  It can be tempting to race up them, but you should always approach them with care so you do not slip and run into an issue where you’ve been injured at a friend’s home.

2.) The local grocery store.  Walking into a grocery store can present many slipping hazards, but one of them that stands out during the winter months is the amount of debris that is tracked in from the outside in and can cause you to slip unexpectedly.

3.) Strip malls.  There is no greater convenience than finding everything you need in one place at a strip mall, but it can also present safety hazards.  As you go from store to store, owners may not know who is responsible for taking care of the sidewalks in front of their store so it may not get cleared or sanded.  This could lead to a dangerous situation that could cause you an injury.

4.) Museums.  New Haven is blessed to have a number of museums that can be great places to visit, especially when the kiddos are out of school for a few weeks and you need something to do.  Many of them also have steep stairs that can be dangerous to traverse even in the driest of conditions.

5.) Places of worship.  Many locations throughout the city have stunning places of worship that will see a lot of foot traffic this time of year.  This foot traffic can lead to slippery stairs and wet floors.

6.) Bars and restaurants.  One of the great things about the city of New Haven is out incredible night life scene with some of the finest bars and restaurants found anywhere in the state, but they can also be dangerous, especially if you’ve had an extra drink at night.  If you get dressed up to go out you may not be wearing the proper footwear to traverse these locations either.

7.)  Public libraries and government buildings.  There are some majestic buildings throughout the city and while the city government generally does a nice job at clearing away ice and debris, there is also some dangerous terrain to traverse as you go into these buildings.  You should approach carefully.

Icy stairs and slippery floors are often a recipe for disaster and can lead to a New Haven slip and fall accident.  Over the next few months this will continue to be a danger for you as you walk around the city.  Be careful and wear the proper footwear and you should be just fine.  If you notice that there is a hazard lurking at one of these destinations let someone know so they can take care of it and no one else will get hurt.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable winter here in the Elm City, but if you do happen to get injured, contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.