A Child’s Death On A Peloton Serves As A Safety Reminder

March 17, 2021
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A recent tragedy involving a child and a Peloton treadmill is a good reminder for all parents and guardians to keep their children safe and take the appropriate precautions around all heavy equipment in the home.  Whether you have a treadmill for exercising, a tall ladder, or any other piece of equipment that requires training and safety procedures to use, they should be kept out of reach at all times from children.

A New Haven personal injury can occur no matter the age of the person who is injured and if it is a result of negligence you may be held accountable.  So what can you do to help keep your child and other children who come into your home safe?

  1. Make sure all equipment is powered off and remove any keys that could be used to accidentally start the device.  For instance, there is a safety key in a treadmill that if removed makes it so the treadmill cannot be operated.  When there is not an adult using the treadmill this key should be removed and stored safely.
  2. Remove all hazards from the home that could cause injury and put them away securely when kids will be around.
  3. Put away any tools that are used in the house such as ladders that will cause curiosity in kids and put them in a very dangerous situation if they try to utilize the tools without supervision.
  4. Keep all substances out of reach of small children.  Cleaning supplies, painting supplies, and other toxic substances should be stored safely and securely out of the reach of a child.

While you can never keep your children or their friends completely safe at home from a New Haven personal injury, you can take certain safety steps that will prevent them from being likely to stand in harms way.  If you take these safety precautions children will remain safe in your home and you can sleep easy at night knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe.

If your child was injured in an accident, one of our attorneys can review your case and ensure that your long term interests are looked out for.