After A Snow Storm New Haven Slip And Fall Accidents Can Occur

January 30, 2022
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When walking through the Elm City there are plenty of areas where you might succumb to a New Haven slip and fall accident, even before Mother Nature drops a hefty Nor’easter on the city.   Now that we have had our first major snowstorm of 2022, it is important to understand how the snow has affected the walkability of the city.  With snow on the streets and the sidewalks it is important to be careful when walking throughout the city.

The one thing about this past snowstorm is that snow totals are very inconsistent throughout the city because there was so much drifting and blowing of snow.  In some spots there is what amounts to a dusting of snow but in other areas there are inches and inches of snow.  The first thing to do to make sure you are safe in a situation that could be changing from sidewalk to sidewalk.

If you’re heading out for a walk or on your morning commute, you will want to make sure to keep the following thoughts in mind so you can avoid getting hurt.

  1. Wear the proper footwear.  Sneakers or high heel shoes aren’t going to cut it anymore now that there are layers of snow and ice all around.  Make sure you are wearing boots wherever you go so you have a good grip on the sidewalks as you pass.
  2. Walk slowly and deliberately.  As there are changing conditions throughout every neighborhood it is important to be paying attention and be aware of your every step.  One wrong move and you could slip and fall to an injury.
  3. Do not walk distracted.  When you otherwise might pull out your phone to check a text message or change your podcast, doing so now with snow and ice on the sidewalks may lead to an injury.  Keep your phone in your pocket or your purse to stay safe.

Snow and ice on the sidewalks and streets of New Haven can make for a treacherous walk.  If you are not taking extra care you may find yourself involved in a New Haven slip and fall accident.  Taking a few extra cautious steps will insure that you do not injure yourself and you will arrive at your destination unscathed.

If you do find yourself injured you may need to speak with an experienced attorney to help review your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.  Contact our office and one of our attorneys may review your case.