April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month – We’re Taking Notice

April 4, 2022
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In an effort to get drivers to put their phones down and pay attention to the road the National Safety Council has put together an entire month dedicated to distracted driving awareness.  Each April, we take some time to focus on this incredibly dangerous behavior behind the wheel to help keep you and your passengers safe.  Spread the word and tell your friends this month and every month that the best way to avoid a New Haven auto accident is to avoid distraction while driving.

There are a variety of ways you can be distracted when you’re behind the wheel and all month long we will be reviewing each of those in great detail, but today we’re going to focus on the biggest distraction of them all, your cellphone.  A cellphone is a wonderful tool to keep you connected wherever you go, but it can also be a major distraction when you’re behind the wheel.  If you’ve become accustomed to using your cellphone while driving, this month is the perfect opportunity to break that habit and get focused on the road.  Here are some steps you can take to get your cellphone out of your hand while you’re driving.

1.) Program your directions BEFORE you leave.  One of the handiest things your cellphone can do is give you directions to where you are going.  This is great, but it can also be dangerous if you’re attempting to enter in your destination while you’re driving.  Before you leave, enter your destination into your phone and let it run while you’re driving.  Don’t look down at the directions.  If you have questions about an upcoming direction, pull over and look.

2.) Plan your audio entertainment before you get on the road.  Whether you like to listen to a podcast or your favorite playlist of music, fire it up before you hit the road.  Make sure your podcast or playlist is long enough to last you your whole ride so you aren’t tempted to use your phone and change your audio while you’re driving.

3.) Put your phone on Do Not Disturb.  Most phones have the ability to be completely silent when a call, text, or other notification comes through.  Set your phone to be silent in this case.  Hearing dings while you’re driving can be one of the most distracting things that will happen on your phone and it can take your eyes off the road.  Many phones even have the ability to auto respond while you’re driving to the caller or texter so they know you will get back to them when you’re done driving.

The best thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting into a New Haven auto accident because you are distracted by your phone is to stowe your phone away.   This may seem extreme, but it is honestly one of the best ways to keep you from cheating and looking down at your phone.  Even looking down for a minute, even while at a red light, can cause serious issues while you’re behind the wheel.  If you put your phone in the center console or a glove box you’ll be able to ignore it for your whole ride and arrive at your destination safely.

If you do get injured in an accident that involves some sort of distraction, contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your case.  We can work with you to understand your situation and protect your long-term interests.