Are Men Or Women More Likely To Get Into A New Haven Auto Accident?

December 17, 2020
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We’ve heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but that doesn’t tell us much about how they drive.  It’s a debate that has sparked many arguments over the years, but there has never been any definitive research done about who are better drivers, men or women.  It is a touchy topic of conversation, but the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety aimed to tackle it and the answer was clear, men take the prize for participating in the riskiest behaviors behind the wheel.  While this is not to say that they are the most likely to get into a New Haven auto accident, risky behaviors certainly do lead to more dangerous conditions on the road.

The data is clear when it comes to some of the riskiest behaviors that drivers participate in behind the wheel men have been shown to drive more aggressively.  Let’s take a look at the numbers;

  1. 52% of men reported driving over the speed limit by at least 15 MPH (44.6% of women)
  2. 37.8% of men reported tailgating cars in front of them when they were driving too slowly (29.3% of women)
  3. 35.4% of men reported honking or making rude gestures at passing vehicles (28% of women)
  4. 32.2% of men reported running a red light (30% of women)

While these numbers don’t necessarily settle the debate about who are the better drivers, women or men, they certainly shed some light on what types of drivers women and men are.  Certainly there are members of both genders that drive safely and follow the rules of the road, but in some cases they do not represent the majority of their gender’s behavior on the road.

This data is not necessarily predictive of whether or not a man or a woman is more likely to get into a New Haven auto accident, but it can be informative about who needs more education on the rules of the road.

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