As School Starts Again – Remember These Rules Of The Road For Drivers Around Buses

August 31, 2021
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With the entire state of Connecticut headed back to school this week in person for the first time, for some, in nearly 2 years, it is important that drivers who will be seeing school buses throughout our cities and towns remember some of the rules of the road that can help all of us avoid both New Haven auto accidents and New Haven pedestrian accidents.

While there are some safety steps you may want to take when out driving with buses on the road, there are also some rules of the road that are required by law.  It is important that you follow all of the rules of the road, and especially those that govern buses as they are carrying our most precious resource, our kids.  Connecticut law requires drivers:

  1. Stop when the red stop sign on the side of the bus has been deployed – failure to do so will result in a $470 fine
  2. Slow down
  3. Observe the busiest times of the day for buses which are between the hours of 6a-9a and 2p-5p
  4. Be extra careful when driving near bus stops to insure that there are no students at the stop

Safety for our children is one of the most important things we can do in our daily lives.  Preventing a New Haven auto accident with a bus is critical in getting our kids to and from school safely.  The return to in-person full time learning for students and staff is going to be an adjustment, but it will also be an adjustment for those of us commuting on the same roads as the buses.  We will be best served by slowing down and using extra caution as we all get back into a more familiar routine.

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident involving a school bus you may need an attorney to review your case.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will look over the facts of your case and work with you to protect your long-term interests.