As You Age These Are The Best Cars For Your Individual Needs

August 4, 2021
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More and more people are driving later into life then ever before.  This is a good thing which will keep the older drivers among us more active and in touch with society as they continue to age.  It can also bring with it a downside as well, as aging brings with it a variety of health issues that may lead to more New Haven auto accidents.  It is incumbent upon all drivers, regardless of age, to make sure they are healthy enough to drive safely.

As you get older, what you need in a car changes.  For instance, low bucket seats may not be comfortable to get in and out of easily.  You may want to change from a sporty car where you can feel the road to something a little more robust that will protect you in the event that an accident were to occur.  If you’re thinking about a car that will be with you for a few years and will meet your needs AAA Northeast has put together a helpful list of cars that meet certain needs.

If you’re cost conscious and on a set budget you may want to consider the Nissan Versa.  This fully redesigned car for 2021 starts under $15,000 and gets nearly 40 MPG on the highway and does well around town too.  It has a 5-star crash rating and is spacious enough for two adults in the front and a pair of kids in the backseat.  It is great for around town and to cart your grandkids from activity to activity.

If safety and practicality are more your speed you may want to look at a Subaru Forrester.  Not only is this vehicle designed with safety in mind as it has achieved a 5-star crash rating as well, it is also designed with an older driver in mind.  With larger doors and seats that are raised up, from the moment you get into the car you will feel comfort as well as practicality for your needs.  This vehicle starts at just under $25,000.

More and more retirees are setting out on long road trips, especially since the pandemic has made air travel less certain.  The Kia Sorento is perfect for you if you’re in a traveling mindset.  This car offers a tremendous amount of space both in the cabin which is supremely comfortable and in storage where you can pack for long trips away.  The only down side to this vehicle for road trips is it’s gas mileage as it only clocks in at 29 MPG on the highway.  The cost is right on though at just over $26,000.

Whether you’re looking for something comfortable and safe for around town or are setting out on an adventure, choosing the right car can make all the difference in your enjoyment of being out on the road.  It is important to remember that no car can completely prevent you from getting into a New Haven auto accident, but with safety features and technology packages these cars will certainly help.

If you’re injured in an auto accident and need an attorney to review your case, contact our office immediately and one of our experienced attorneys will work with you to protect your long-term interests.