Avoid A Collision With An Animal With These Tips

November 28, 2020
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They are adorable and often make all of us swoon when we see them in the “wild” but animals like deer or foxes, can cause serious injury and in some cases death.  In fact, on average 1 million collisions each year are caused by animals.  While it is not extremely likely that a New Haven auto accident will be caused by a deer running down Chapel St. it is possible and certainly the chances for this type of accident increase if you are traveling during the holidays.

While collisions do occur what is most concerning is the fact that nearly 200 fatalities are caused by collisions with animals on the road.  This is not to mention the deadly nature of these collisions for the animals themselves.  The good news is there are things you can do to protect yourself and the animals on the roads to reduce this type of collision.

  1. Be alert when animals are most active.  This time of year those times of day are at dusk (between 5p-8p) and at dawn (between 5a-8a)
  2. Use your high beams.  When possible to use your high beams you should as this will allow you to see animals that are often difficult to see on the road.
  3. Drive the speed limit.  This is always important, but it is especially important to keep yourself safe from collisions with animals.
  4. Honk your horn.  If you are coming up on an animal and it doesn’t seem to be moving, honk your horn to startle it and force it to move.

Seeing a deer on the side of the road is something that many of us marvel at, but when they get too close to the road it can be dangerous.  This time of year especially, animals are roaming around looking for food and shelter.  If they are out on our roads they may cause a New Haven auto accident.

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