Avoid A New Haven Auto Accident With These Tips For Driving On Ice

February 15, 2021
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It’s not even half over, but this winter has been one for the ages.  With snow and ice storms every other day, driving around the Elm City has been treacherous.  Spending your time on the road in the winter months can lead you to all sorts of harrowing situations, not the least of which is hitting a patch of ice and getting into a New Haven auto accident.  Icy roads can be some of the most dangerous terrain for drivers with even the most experienced drivers among us having trouble navigating this type of condition.

The good news is that even as ice and snow coats our streets and snow banks grow to the size where we can’t see around them at an intersection there are some things you can do to help keep yourself and others safe while on the road.  Utilizing these tips for driving on slippery roads can help you avoid an accident and ultimately save you from injury or worse.

Tip #1: Stay home.  With the introduction of distance learning and work from home, this has become easier for many of us to stay home when the weather is bad.  While it may not be possible to completely avoid travel on slippery roads, it is the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe so if you can, you should.

Tip #2: Delay your departure.  If you have school aged kids or remember having them you remember the good old tradition of delayed openings.  Schools don’t do this just because, they do it for a very good reason, waiting for temperatures to rise can help alleviate the ice on roads and walkways and keep people safe.  You can take this approach with your own travel.  If you can delay your departure for an hour or two it might be just enough to avoid serious injury from slick spots on the roads.

Tip #3: Clear your windshield.  When roads are slick, visibility can be your best friend.  If you cannot see clearly out of your windshield you are putting yourself at greater risk.  If you clear your windshield you are able to see the road in front of you clearly and avoid any encounter with slick spots.

Tip #4: Avoid puddles.  You should never drive through standing water for a variety of reasons but in the winter months this can be especially important.  Water can be covering up a slick spot on the road and driving through the puddle can leave you vulnerable to hitting that slick spot and putting yourself and others at risk of a New Haven auto accident.

Slick roads this time of year can be nearly impossible to avoid.  If you do need to travel when roads are icy, snowy, or even just wet, use extreme caution and avoid any slick spots that you may encounter.  If you find yourself or a loved one has been injured in an accident you may need to contact an attorney.  Our experienced attorneys are here to review your case at any time.