Avoid A New Haven Motorcycle Accident Beware Of Wet Leaves

September 28, 2020
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There is nothing quite like riding your motorcycle in the fall months.  Taking a tight curve with the beautiful fall colors as your backdrop is truly an iconic New England site, but it can also be dangerous.  Extra precautions are necessary when you’re riding to make sure you avoid a New Haven motorcycle accident.

It’s not just out on the open road where you need to be careful either, it’s also right in downtown.  As tress begin to shed their leaves and sunny skies give way to gloomy days, the leaves on city streets get wet and can be particularly dangerous for anyone riding a motorcycle.

How can you avoid a serious accident and still get out and ride your motorcycle in the beautiful fall air?

  1. Slow down.  Speed will likely be the biggest factor in any motorcycle accident this season.  If you take it slow you can enjoy the ride and arrive home safely.
  2. Skip the leaf covered roads.  Even if it means taking a detour, if you turn down a side street and it is covered in leaves, take a different turn so you can stay safe.
  3. Wear proper gear.  This is critical no matter the season, but if you’re not wearing a helmet and protective clothing you are asking for a worse situation if you get into an accident.
  4. Stop to take in the view.  It can be tempting to take your eyes off the road and do a little leaf peeping, but if you’re going to do that, stop the bike and get off.  Riding while not looking at the road can have dangerous implications.

If you love to ride your motorcycle in the fall, we don’t blame you, but we also want to make sure you do the things necessary to avoid a New Haven motorcycle accident.  If you or a loved one got into an accident and need an attorney to review your case, contact our office immediately.