Avoid A New Haven Pedestrian Accident With The Ghouls And Goblins Tonight

October 31, 2022
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Tonight is the night.  The night when all of the Elm City’s ghouls and goblins will creep up from the underbelly of the city and terrorize your homes with their cries of “Trick or Treat.”  If you are not prepared to take specific measures to keep these creatures from infesting our streets they will become a menace for days and weeks to come.

Of course the ghouls and goblins we’re talking about here are innocently little children who are only trying to visit your home for a little bit of candy goodness.  In your effort to get home from a long day of work you might find yourself in a position where a New Haven pedestrian accident is possible and the night ends with much less excitement then it began.  So, here are some things you can do to make sure you get home in a timely manner, but all the while protecting the Trick or Treaters who may already be out and ready to ring your doorbell.

1.) Take it slow.  The first and most important step you can take to keep the kiddos safe during this festive evening is to drive slower than you otherwise would.  It may take you a few more minutes to get home, but you will be able to say that you did your part to keep everyone out of harms way while you were in your car on your way home.

2.) If you spot a group of kids out and about approach with caution.  While you should always be alert and driving with your head up any time you are driving, this night in particular requires an even greater focus.  Being able to spot a group of trick or treaters from a distance will allow you to take the appropriate safe driving measures that will keep the children safe and you at ease when you’re navigating the city streets.

3.) When approaching an intersection slow down.  Not all intersections require this, but it can be a good safety measure to take when driving at night, especially on Halloween.  You may know, as the driver, that kids should stop and look all ways at an intersection, but excited kids who are on a sugar high may not remember to do this and it is very possible that they will dart out into an intersection forcing you to slam on your brakes and avoid them.  If you slow down, you can avoid this type of interaction all together.

4.) Keep your eyes on the road.  While it can be tempting to peer over at a group of kids who are all dressed up in snazzy costumes to go door to door to get some candy, it can be the split second that you take your eyes off the road that can be the difference between being safe and putting someone at danger.  If you want to see the costumes of all the kids who are trick or treating, get home safely without any distractions and then excitedly answer your door.

These tips and tricks are good if you’re headed home from work or if you’re headed out to refill your candy bowl.  Either way you will want to take these steps to make sure that all are safe from a New Haven pedestrian accident while out participating in some good, clean, Halloween fun!

Whether you’re a ghoul or goblin, we can help you if you’ve been injured.  Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will speak with you about your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.  We can’t promise we won’t ask for a peanut butter cup or two.