Avoid A New Haven Personal Injury By Playing Nice With Your Neighbor’s Dog

January 27, 2020
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Nearly 5 million people get dog bites in the United States each year and almost a million of those people require medical attention. In the State of Connecticut these dog bites which require medical attention are the responsibility of the dog owner.

The Connecticut Humane Society has some suggestions on how to avoid being one of the people who needs to seek medical attention for a dog bite .

  1. Don’t approach a strange dog that you are unfamiliar with
  2. Never turn your back on a dog and run away, they will want to give chase.
  3. Don’t pet a dog without letting him sniff you first
  4. Teach your children to ask permission before petting a dog
  5. Don’t disturb a dog that is eating, caring for puppies, or sleeping

Following these steps will not completely prevent the possibility of being bitten by a dog, but they can significantly reduce the chances that you will find yourself seeking medical attention for a dog bite.

If you are bitten by a dog, seek medical attention and consult an experienced and knowledgeable New Haven personal injury lawyer to help you file your claim.