Avoid a New Haven Personal Injury By Staying Safe At The Public Pool

July 12, 2019
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The dog days of summer are in full swing and Connecticut families will be staying cool at the public pools offered by many towns. Splish splashing is a lot of fun, but there are also many potential risks at the public swimming pool that pose a threat for needing a New Haven personal injury lawyer.

Follow these safety precautions to stay safe at your public pool this summer.

  1. Follow all posted signage.
  2. Always listen to the instructions of the lifeguard on duty.
  3. Do not run on the pool deck.
  4. Keep an eye on your children at all times.
  5. Only dive or jump in when it is safe to do so.

In addition to physical hazards, there are also biological hazards you could run into. The Centers for Disease Control issued a warning that a fecal parasite, “crypto” could be present in some swimming pools.

Connecticut law also states that if there is thunder and lightening, all patrons must evacuate the pool and not get back in until the thunder and lightening has stopped for 30 minutes.

The pool is a place for fun, but using it should be taken seriously to avoid serious injuries. The New Haven personal injury lawyers at The LoRicco Law Firm wish you a cool summer.