Avoid New Haven Slip and Fall Accidents When You Have Guests

December 19, 2021
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In some ways this year feels all too familiar, but in other ways it is an exciting time that our family and friends will be able to visit us this year in what we hope will be a safe and healthy way.  The last thing we want to do as homeowners is jeopardize the safety of our guests as they come over to visit.  A New Haven slip and fall accident can happen to anyone and at any time so it is vital that you do what you can do to help prevent this type of accident.  There would be nothing more regretful then having your family and friends gather and have the gathering disrupted by an accident.

There are a variety of things that can cause someone to have a fall on your property and so it is vital that you address these issues before guests start arriving so you can enjoy yourself without the worry of an accident occurring and you having to deal with the fall out of it while your guests are at your home.   Here are some common things that cause accidents and injuries in house guests that can actually be pretty easily prevented.

  1. Before they even enter the home, black ice or visible ice can cause a slipping hazard and lead to a pretty severe injury before your guest even has a chance to ring the doorbell.  You can handle this type of danger by simply making sure your sidewalks and walkways are cleared of any snow or ice and if there is a potential for black ice by using rock salt or a rock salt mixture to provide a melting element and give your guests some traction.
  2. Once in the home an area rug with a curled corner is a clear tripping hazard and one that can easily be resolved before you have guests come over.  If the corner of a rug is turned up, simply add some weight to the corner of the rug so that it will lie flat and stay that way.  If you continue to have problems with a particular corner, you may want to investigate a mat that your rug can stick to which keeps the rug flat.
  3. Loose stairs or stair railings are a culprit of slip and fall accidents.  Before you invite anyone over you should make sure that all of your stairs are secure and that the railings are firmly attached to the walls.  If they are not, take the necessary steps to repair them so that when you have guests they are not presented with a hazard.

While the above hazards are things you can take of before your guests even arrive there are some things that may happen when your guests are already there that may cause a New Haven slip and fall accident.  A drink that spills on the ground can cause slippery floors and can be a hazard to your guests.  If guests have left purses or jackets in a pathway of your home it can be easy for these items to go unspotted and cause a fall.

Slip and fall accidents can cause strife between guests and their hosts so it may be best to have an attorney review your case.  Our experienced attorneys can speak with you about your case and look at all of the details to make sure your long-term interests are protected.  Contact our office today.