Avoid These Three Things To Stay Safe On Your Bicycle

April 11, 2024
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As the weather has started to warm up bicycle riding in the city has gotten more frequent and the city streets are teaming with bicycle riders zooming through them to get to their destinations or just out for a fun afternoon ride. This is a great time of the year if you like to ride bikes, but you should also be reminded of some of the things you should avoid while riding so you don’t find yourself involved in a New Haven bicycle accident.

Before you even head out on your bicycle you should remember that checking the mechanicals on your bike is important to make sure it is functioning properly. If your brakes won’t work, it’s better to find out before you hit the road and are all of a sudden faced with a steep downhill where you can’t slow down or stop and you might end up in the middle of on-coming traffic. This could be a deadly situation. Making sure your bicycle is functioning properly should be done before you go out on a ride every time. Even if you ride your bike every day, just double check that the brakes are functioning properly, your tires are inflated well and that you have the appropriate reflectors that can be seen at any time of the day.

One other thing you should do before you get on your bike to go out for a ride is to get a helmet that fits properly and will protect you from getting seriously injured if you were to fall off your bike. Even though helmets are not required by law for anyone over the age of 15, they are still the best piece of equipment you can wear to insure your safety while you’re riding. If you choose not to wear a helmet you may be putting yourself at a significant risk of getting injured.

Now, once you do get on your bike you will want to make sure you are avoiding certain things that could get in the way of you having a good time and arriving at your destination safely. If you avoid these things you may increase your chances of being safe while riding.

1.) Avoid all distractions. This is just as important as when you are driving a car, but distractions can be even smaller when riding a bike. It would literally take a millisecond of your attention to be taken away from your riding to cause a serious accident. Even just looking down at your watch to see what time it is could be the difference between staying straight on the path you are riding on and veering off into traffic which could result in a serious injury. All distractions when you are riding a bike may put you in a situation where you are not safe and could wind up injured. If you are planning on going for a bike ride you should make sure your phone and any other distractions are out of reach so you can make it to your destination safely.

2.) When riding your bike you should avoid not being predictable. In fact, your predictability as a rider is one of the most important things that will keep you safe. When drivers who you are sharing the road with can anticipate your next move they are much less likely to encroach your space and put you in a situation where you might get injured. Accidents happen when bike riders and car drivers are not anticipating each others moves and if you are being unpredictable in your movements it is far more likely that you will wind up in an accident and possibly injured. One thing you can do to improve your predictability is to make sure to use hand signals while turning so the drivers you are sharing the road with are aware of your intentions before you actually make the moves.

3.) Riding in unsafe conditions. Road conditions can vary from area to area throughout the city and you will want to make sure you stay on the roads throughout the city that are “friendly” to bike riders. You will want to avoid the narrowest streets in the city and stay on streets that have specifically outlined bike lanes. The city of New Haven is actually very well-known for being bike friendly so you should have no problem navigating the city while avoiding unsafe conditions. If you turn down a street where it is too narrow to pass or you are riding too close to traffic it may be a good idea to hop off your bike and walk it down the sidewalk until you return to road that has safer conditions for you to ride your bike without feeling the squeeze of traffic.

Riding your bicycle in the spring through the streets of New Haven or neighboring towns can be a real treat and it might become one of the best things you can do for your health and your productivity, but it is also carries risks. It is important that you know which safety measures to take and which things you should avoid so you can be safe while riding. If you follow certain safety protocols for riding your bike in a city you’ll be able to avoid a New Haven bicycle accident and stay free from injury while you’re riding. Do this and you’ll be able ride your bike all season long.

Accidents do happen though and when they do the situations surrounding them can be quite complex. You may need to speak with an attorney who has experience with the type of situation that you find yourself in. Contact our office and one of our experienced attorneys will review your situation and work with you to protect your long-term interests.