Be On The Lookout For New Haven Slip And Fall Accidents On The Docks

June 17, 2022
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As a shoreline community, the city of New Haven has a lot to offer it’s residents.  One of those things is access to Long Island Sound which is a very special addition to the recreation of the community.  That being said, like other recreational activities there are some inherent risks that come with spending time on the water and specifically if you are on the docks getting ready to hop on a boat there are many risks for a New Haven slip and fall accident.

Many people who live on the shoreline throughout the state of Connecticut dream of one day being able to have a boat that they can use to enjoy Long Island Sound.  Others, take the route of spending time on a charter boat or commercially available boat rides once or twice a summer.  No matter the method with which you are choosing to enjoy Long Island Sound you will want to be on the lookout for some of the following risks to your safety;

1.) Wet docks.  Docks are generally fine when they are dry, but once water starts splashing on them they become extremely slippery and dangerous.  The safest way you can stay upright when being on a dock is walking slowly and carefully as you approach the vessel that you will be riding in for the day.  If you find yourself overcome with excitement and you start running down the dock you may put yourself in a position where you could seriously injure yourself.

2.) Cleats.  When boats are brought in and tied up on a dock the elements that they are tied to are called cleats.  These cleats often are a similar color to the dock and when there isn’t a boat tied to them may be considered to be a tripping hazard.  The one saving grace about cleats is that they are often on the extreme edge of the dock so if you stay in the center of the dock as you are walking you should be fine, but you should always keep a close eye on where you’re walking so you can avoid any tripping accidents along the way.

3.) Loose equipment.  As boats come and go from the water, there are often pieces of equipment that get taken out of the boat and left on the dock.  Equipment can be anything from materials for the boat to operate or things like coolers or backpacks that may be placed on the dock for a short period of time that may not have been there the last time you were on the dock.

Whenever you are dealing with docks and water, you must be very careful with where you step and how you move on a dock.  If you do not follow some safety protocols, often laid out by marina owners, can lead to a New Haven slip and fall accident.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be on a boat and out on the water during the summer, but unlucky to get injured, you may need to speak with an attorney about your accident and injuries.  Contact our office and speak with one of our experienced attorneys and they will work with you to help protect your long-term interests.